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The Corruption and Abuse That Will Collapse This Country - May 27, 2018

It will be from 3 different areas all working in conjunction.

1st. Mayor Eric Garcetti shut down evictions courts and rerouted them, he condensed them, but they cookie cut eviction court, putting everybody out on the street, nobody is getting a fair trial, everybody’s 6th amendment is being violated. What they are doing is not supplying the Judges with court reporters, destroying the evidence after 60 days and putting people on the street. Their mindset is, you didn’t pay your rent, that’s why you’re here, but the truth is, their landlords broke into their homes with their keys, stole their things including their logins/passwords and got them fired from their jobs, destroyed their home businesses even made false reports so their social security/disabilty/welfare checks would stop coming, basically cut their sources of income so they couldn’t pay rent.  That’s against the law.

The sheriff’s don’t have jurisdiction to investigate these hate crimes, they only have jurisdiction to throw people onto the street cause it’s in the court costs. So in my case for example, the Santa Monica Sheriffs couldn’t investigate Doreen Doshay Russell for the attempted murder during the eviction court process. I think for them to have jurisdiction, they would need more money and this mayor negated this fact when he made the decision to shut down these eviction courts. He left out hate crimes committed by landlords from his equations.

The Van Nuys sheriffs since the eviction courts were shut down would not have probable cause for investigations, Doreen Doshay Russell committed crimes in Santa Monica’s court room not Van Nuys court room in 2013, later she committed crimes in Van Nuys courtroom, but that’s a separate cycle, two different court rooms she committed crimes in.

Chief Charlie Beck Knew About Me Since 2012

Hate Crimes By Judge Cho, Lisa Sims the Clerk and The Sheriffs

So based on this corruption and abuse, innocent people are being put out on the street labeled as Losers who don’t pay rent and they have college degrees. 


1 in 10 Cal State students say they’ve been homeless; at community colleges in L.A., it’s 1 in 5



After these normal people, the victims of these types of hate crimes are put on the street, they are falsely labeled by the psychs in the shelters with schizophrenia and dispensed psych drugs for that false label which is also paid for by the Federal Gov.  When in reality they have PTSDs from all the crimes committed on them and are the victims.

The psychs in the psych ward will put out a call to the LAPD and start having them pick up the homeless and route them into the Psych Wards for their treatment so they can manage their false mental illness and get their lives back on track and start paying taxes.  That is what people will be lead to believe.

The right to die movement in California has kicked in and there is right to die drugs in the hospitals.


At some point the psych nurses and doctors will get their hands on those drugs and start murdering all these homeless people falsely labeled with schizophrenia while the Federal Gov pays for that too, their mindset is, it’s the best they can do for them, to euthanize them, put them out of their misery. Basically they are dramatizing their case from past lives in Nazi Germany where this was the norm, it was normal, legal and it’s what they did for the greater good, the fatherland, Germany.  

The LAPD will be picking them up on these false labels and obey their masters, Nazi Psychs and taking them into the psych wards where they will be euthanized while the Federal Gov, pays for it. The Federal Gov won’t know, it will just be paperwork and false reports.


At some point, everybody involved in this cycle will need to obtain results, progress, stats of improvement not expansions of homeless people. So the Nazi Psychs will lie, false report and give the illusion of success, look the homeless problem is getting handled. It will be the illusion that they are put on meds and put back on their feet when in reality they will be murdered, euthanized. It will be mass murder, genocide under the guise of Mental Health. It will be similar to the gas chambers in the concentration camps, after they’ll dump the bodies in ditches just like they did then, continuation of the Nazi Status Quo.

There is approximately 58k homeless per this news report


If they are murdered regularly to keep this statistic the same, let’s say it grows to over 100k, when they start but are lying cause everybody would have a heart attack if it continued to go up, so they’ll keep the stats low ie false stats. Anyway, let’s say a majority of the 58k are murdered.

What these people are forgetting in their equations, what SP’s always leave out, is the 2nd dynamic, their own family members. They assume that if they had family they would move back home. They never bother to get the full story cause they don’t care. After these people are dead,  10% of their family will come looking for them, 5800 out of the 58k. And they will uncover this genocide, this mass murder and will sue the city for wrongful death, if the city has to pay out 6 million for each wrongful death lawsuit, it will cost the city over 34 billion dollars for 5800 wrongful death lawsuits.


That will bankrupt the city and if all the cities all over the USA follow suit cause they too embraced euthanasia to handle their homeless problem, it will bankrupt this country.

2007 Wrongful Death Suit Could be Awarded $6.25 Million

LAPD hit with $10-million wrongful death lawsuit for fatal shooting



This is my evaluation based on my observation of the facts including the Nazi Psych’s SOPs of fraud and false labeling to dispense psych drugs paid for by the Federal Gov. This is my recommendation as a human being.

If the city of Los Angeles had a homeless reform program where it actually helped people get back on their feet including Judicial, handling these types of hate crimes and not falsely labeling PTSDs with schizophrenia and drugging people but helping them with real mental health like holistic psychology and more then 45 mins a week including actual programs from their holistic psychs to help them get back on their feet, then the above scene can be prevented, avoided, averted and now the people can contribute to paying taxes in Los Angeles and the people that committed the hate crimes can be caught, put in prison and their assets including the real estate can be confiscated to pay for the damages to the city and the victims they caused by their crimes.  Using holistic psychology will also handle prison reform and this problem  http://kathygold.weebly.com/money/the-psych-wards-are-morphing-into-implant-stations

Cause the Nazi Psychs are expanding the psych wards to put criminals who have been misclassified by the LAPD, downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor and then routed into the psych wards in lieu of the prisons cause the prisons are overcrowded, having the Federal Gov pick up that tab too and once they get full too, the Nazi Psychs will also be murdering the criminals as well to make room for the new criminals, similar to the gas chambers and then dumping their bodies in ditches. Same scene as for the homeless, same crimes of mass murder, genocide. As for how much it will cost the city of Los Angeles in wrongful death lawsuits once this is uncovered by the FBI and DOJ, double the figure above. Instead of 34 billion dollars it will be 68 billion. This is also long term and it will play out like pre WW2 and WW2, it took many years to murder 6 million jews in the concentration camps, that didn’t happen overnight and neither will this.

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