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The Crimes Committed By the LAPD, FBI and DOJ

What the LAPD did in 1998 was prevent me from reporting crimes and obstructed Justice when they implied they would murder me if I attempted to obtain the police report in any way, shape or form, that was right before he slammed the phone down and hung up on me. At the beginning of the conversation, cause I was following up on it, 2 letters and a cashed check with no response, no police report. The detective I spoke to was angry and hostile, he told me that he wasn’t gonna give me the police report while yelling and screaming at me and then implied they would murder me if I attempted to obtain it, in any way, shape or form.  I missed their withhold, it’s possible they went into Olive View while I was overdosed for that 36 hour period and raped me.

Prevented Me From Reporting Crimes – California Penal Code 136.1
Obstructed Justice – California Penal Code 148(a)182 and 136.1
Violated my 14th Amendment

These Bio Crimes Could Have Been Prevented Part 1

In 2014, The FBI, LAPD and the DOJ did the same thing, committed the same crimes as the LAPD in 1998. Prevented Me From Reporting Crimes – California Penal Code 136.1 Obstructed Justice – California Penal Code 148(a)182 and 136.1 Violated my 14th Amendment

Scientologists Federal Court Can’t Interview Cause They’re Dead

Updated 6/3/2018 1:23am

When the DOJ blew me off, ignored my letter, they committed a crime of Omission, a failure to act.

Crimes of Omission

In other words omission can serve to establish the actus reus if an individual was under a duty to act and failed to discharge that duty.



if an individual had a duty to act, and failed to discharge that duty, the individual could be held criminally liable for the result. Generally, for the purposes of criminal liability, an individual is under a duty to act if

  • A contract requires a person to act in a certain way. Take an individual who contracts with a bodyguard to protect the individual from threats on his or her life; if the bodyguard notices the threat and willfully ignores it, the bodyguard could be found criminally liable.

The DOJ made a contract with the public and they broke that contract with me based on my religions, my race, etc etc.

Updated 6/12/2018 8:36pm

My notes from 1998, the LAPD cycle


Looks like on 2/18/1999 I spoke with a Detective Van Esch, maybe he’s the one that reinforced the pain and trauma when he implied the LAPD would murder me, if I attempted to get the police report in any, way, shape or form?  I wouldn’t know what a mental evaluation is but why is it confidential and why won’t they release it, to me, the victim?  And why didn’t they send me anything in writing stating they won’t give it to me and all the reasons why?  Why didn’t they refund my $13.00 for the police report?  Why didn’t they help me. Ok, it’s a mental evaluation, is it a document/documents in the concealed psych report of 1998 that I received in the year 2015? If so, why didn’t they communicate that to me, why did they conceal that from me? Why did they not disclose it to me?  I just remember being threatened with murder and then hung up on after being yelled at for following up on the police report. Did I miss a withhold, I think I did. Could it be that the LAPD is on purpose taking people into the psych ward to rape them? I think so.  

I have numerous concussions, PTSDs and these assholes do this? The only reason they would be this hostile is cause I missed a withhold, that they are falsely labeling victims from crime scenes including hostage scenes and taking them in to the psych ward, lying to the hospitals and raping them along with the hospital staff, they are in collusion. They figure, they’re crazy cause I labeled them crazy, nobody will believe them and they’ll never find out, their full psych reports are concealed, ha ha ha. 

These people are sick, twisted and gross. They need to go to prison where they will be beaten and raped everyday, what they have done to others, will now get down to them.

If it’s not the guy above then it’s was this Detective Pat Fowler


This will have to be investigated thru Federal Court, I don’t expect any of these people to actually tell the truth, I expect them to lie to cover their ass and that’s perjury so they’ll go to prison for that.

These pigs are very lucky I’m just an average ordinary taxpayer, if I was on payroll, they’d all be dead for pulling this shit (don’t have to pay out pensions if they’re dead, it’s better for the cities long term as well as prison, why house and feed these criminals) LMAO, everybody involved including that asshole who yelled at me, threatened me, the black ops team from my agency would have given them a visit along with me, interrogation, extraction and then behavior modification, no drugs, just the pain. I would have gotten them all, to crack, pain.

But since this is a prison planet, I expect these men to all be dead when the right to die drugs hit the water supply, either before, during or after this court case and then to hell they go for all eternity.

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