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The KRs I Wrote In 1998 To RTC Part 2 - June 13, 2018

Per RTC:


Beating me up, attacking me, was a felony, it was serious bodily injury, concussions and PTSDs from his attacks.

The 3 Attacks By Jon Mackinder That Gave Me Concussions

The 3 Attacks By Jon Mackinder That Gave Me Concussions Part 2

4.3. PC 243(e)(1) domestic battery we were engaged to be married

4.2. Penal Code 243(d) aggravated battery

4.1. Penal Code 273.5 intentional infliction of corporal injury

Penal Code Section 664 – Attempted Premeditated Murder

Because of the severity of my injuries, physical and psychological, it’s actually attempted murder, he didn’t just hit me with his fist one time, that would be considered domestic battery which is considered a misdemeanor but because of my severe injuries, it’s attempted murder, three times and because of the tape recording and violations of my civil rights and premeditated blackmail effort on his part, it would be considered attempted premeditated murder.

I was a member in good standing and he was still married, not divorced but married when he proposed marriage on February 14, 1998. This is an out 2d on his part, not mine, he’s the one that’s married.  This would be considered a sexual perversion and sexually perverted conduct contrary to my well being or good state of mind, I was a member in good standing but I was also on course too, the PTS/SP course at CC Int. The time frame is from February 1998 to Aug/Sept 1998.

Per the  Sea Org 2d rules, no sex before marriage and you can’t go out 2d etc etc


These are Sea Org 2D rules, everybody in RTC is a Sea Org member, the out 2d, should have perked up their ears. Instead the KRs were ignored.



The false label of the type III PTS sit and not applying my religion to handle it, had they done their investigations they would have found out that, that I wasn’t going psychotic but out of present time OT2 from Jon Mackinder attacking me and trying to murder me and they were forcing me to cross the wall of fire cause they brought me down to death on the tone scale and kept me there, reliving past life deaths, over and over and over and over again. I was going unconscious from the numerous concussions I had and the stress of them holding me hostage, violating my civil rights etc etc.  This is also suppressive, suppressive acts. Had they applied my religion, they would have found out I’m a last life OT which got missed when I attested to being a last life clear, it was missed at AO.  Basically I’m an OT who was falsely labeled a type 3. Who labeled me? Jon Mackinder? Ok. 

Ripping me off, owing me money, wasn’t paying his taxes and wasn’t paying his child support is financial irregularities.

These KRs should have triggered investigations per their policies and procedures, 

but instead they were ignored. Now since I’m going to Federal Court and doing their jobs as well as the LAPD, they can have Jon Mackinder as a parishoner, he’s obviously the model, ideal Scientologist that everybody should aspire to, that’s the message the Church of Scientology sent by their in action, their neglect, their failure to act, their crimes of Omission.

This Church’s management team by their actions proved to me, that they don’t consider Jon Mackinder an SP, he’s their public I’m not. In this Church what Jon Mackinder did to me, is totally ok with them, acceptable.  It’s my guess the norm, to take last life OTs and try to murder them.

Evidence that should have gone to RTC if they needed it but since they ignored the KRs, it’s now going to Federal Court.


Page 1 – 2

This business card, Jon Mackinder printed it out, on the back was my company Digital Gold. I didn’t need him to do that, I had my own business cards. This was something he elected to do.



Page 3 – 8
These were bills that came to my business mailing address in Studio City, so he must have had a key to the mailbox and the front door that he got duplicated without my knowledge nor consent.

Page 22 – 28

It’s possible that his business Bionic Site was started in the state of Washington in regards to the DBA, he had to have a business account and his wife, soon to be his ex wife Shelly Mackinder lives in the state of Washington.

Page 29

Catabolic.com was Jon Mackinder’s client, not mine


I received a bill for his client and I had to pay the bill cause it was in my company’s name.  This wasn’t ordered by me, but by Jon Mackinder in my company’s name.  Jon Mackinder was responsible and accountable for paying this bill and he never paid it.


Page 35
Wiseman and Burke was a client I turned over to Jon Mackinder since I was going back into the Sea Org.  That is a Scientology owned business.  Marathon Car Rentals, that was my client that he stole. Yamaha, that was a referral of Jon by me to Margo who handled that account for work. Margo’s company had the account for all the websites for Suzuki, I was actually hired to do this website back in 1996 or 1997 . Margo later told me she called Jon up cause he didn’t meet the deadline for the project she hired him to do, it wasn’t complete and Jon told her he couldn’t finish the job she gave him, hired him to do cause he had to go help a friend that went crazy. I don’t know if later she did business with him. Marc Bosserman, I knew him personally from LADAY (Los Angeles Day Organization) he was on staff there in 1990 or 1991.


Author Services, Galaxy Press is websites owned by the Church of Scientology, another branch of that umbrella corporation as well as Battlefield Earth.  I don’t know what he did on these websites nor how he obtained these gigs but it’s a credit, like below maybe he did the flash portion and their in house people up at Gold did the rest for example.


On Target was a market research company that referred me work – the check bounced cause Jon Mackinder ripped off my bank accounts. I just didn’t know that, at that time, I had numerous concussions and PTSDs. This was a Scientology owned company in 1998.

Jesus Jimenez and his wife were friends of mine from Vicky and Alan Stansfield, I couldn’t deliver the website he paid for, so I had to refund the money, only the money was stolen out of my bank accounts.  Both he and his wife were Scientologists in 1998.  Vicky and Alan Stansfield were divorced in 1998 and are now both no longer Scientologists. Alan is actually part of what happened after these 2 back to back sexual abuse incidents, Jamie Welte wouldn’t tell me why I couldn’t go down to CC Int, why I wasn’t allowed down there, she never answered that question, so I met with Alan, he lived on Hazeltine Ave across the street from Sherman Oaks park and I met him at the park, it was early evening, we sat on the grass and talked, there were softball/baseball games going on in the park. Alan didn’t know why I wasn’t allowed back at CC Int either, so he said he would go down to CC Int and find out and let me know. I never heard back from Alan after that, he blew me off.



Roland Birrer, I can’t remember who he was but he was also a Scientologist. I sent  him a check and it bounced and all he cared about was the bank fees, the overdraft paid it but he wanted the fees, that was very important too him. He was very petty. Which is weird cause there shouldn’t be any fees on his end if it was paid. If he gave me anything in writing then Doreen Doshay Russell and Karen Freemon and their accomplices stole it. 

Merchant Bankcard Network was a refund, I couldn’t deliver services they paid for due to my concussions and PTSDs.

SMC was an ecommerce venture me and Jon were gonna do, basically purchase items wholesale and then resell them retail, a retail ecommerce store.  We purchased a membership so that we could purchase their products but in order to do an ecommerce business you need to know what you are selling and check out the quality of the merchandise. I actually don’t remember getting all these items, what I received was some of the items, the items weren’t shipped all at once, maybe 2 were shipped from one vendor, 3 from another vendor, 1 from another vendor. I don’t remember getting any elvis clocks, otherwise I would still have them, it would have been a novelty item.

What I remember getting was the 2 pens, calculator and the desk clock. I don’t remember getting the other items. And when I called about it, I was told it was shipped, it wasn’t UPS nor Fed Ex and it wasn’t tracked and they said it was shipped and there was nothing I could do, it was not their problem type thing. The items I received was the 2nd batch or 3rd batch they sent out, the last batch, everything that I didn’t receive was either the 1st batch or 2nd batch they sent out.

If they were shipped out and they arrived at my mailing address, it’s possible that Jon Mackinder stole them from my mailing address using the keys he copied without my knowledge nor consent. 

Experian was for my credit report, I sent away for a copy of my credit report.

It’s possible that since Jon Mackinder made duplicates of my keys including my mailbox and the front door of the mailbox, that he came in there periodically and got his mail and stole mine without my knowledge. And any crimes he committed on anybody, they wouldn’t be able to find him cause it went to my mailbox and it was in my name. I also felt stalked but I didn’t know why/whys, I was getting mental image pictures years after this, it was Jon Mackinder wanting to meet me at a hotel in Studio City/Universal City and the other was weird mental image pictures from a cabin in the woods, with a female naked and chained up inside a cabin or a trailer screaming for help.  Maybe he had intentions to kidnap me while I was going to pick up my mail, sometimes I would pick up my mail at night, I had a key to the front door. I’m gonna guess he didn’t go down that route cause there were cameras in the mailbox place. Kidnapping somebody and stealing their mail without their knowledge are two different levels of crimes, but maybe he was premeditating it. Stealing my mail for years while committing other crimes and using my mailing address would be easier for him to get away with cause of the cameras, it wouldn’t be noticed, he has the keys to the front door and the mailbox, no forced entry, but kidnapping me, the cameras, that would be noticed and looked at as well as using the keys to enter to pick up my mail or his.

Also you can see the sequential order of the checks, that came from the main Digital Gold account to pay the refunds etc etc.

Updated 6/14/2018 9:41pm


Jon Mackinder finished the PTS/SP course in Feb 1999, the course I paid for and he never paid me back for it along with his IAS membership but still owes me money.  My KRs were written prior to Feb 1999.

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