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The KRs I Wrote In 1998 To RTC - June 13, 2018

These are the rest of the KRs I wrote in 1998, there might have been more, it’s possible Doreen Doshay Russell and her accomplices and/or Karen Freemon and her accomplices stole them.


The above KR is an example of the abuse by Jon Mackinder. This was constant, daily, sometimes hourly.


This KR, he was lying on the phone while I was being held hostage in my home. I don’t know who/whom he was talking to over the phone, maybe it was Susan, the nurse from Megan Shield’s office?  He told them I was a psych case, which was not true, I had no history of  mental health illness, I had never been in a psych ward nor seen a psych and I had never taken psych drugs.  But he told who/whomever he was talking to that I was a psych case.


In this KR, I documented, him violating my civil rights in my home, he refused to let me talk to anybody.  It’s possible he had 1 or maybe 2 cell phones with him, in addition to using my phone.  The woman standing outside, Susan from Megan Shield’s office had a cell phone maybe it was her or not, I don’t know. He refused to tell me who/whom he was on the phone with and let me talk to them.


In this KR, I documented, him violating my civil rights in my home as well as holding me hostage.


In this KR, I documented Jon Mackinder’s abuse, his physical abuse, it’s possible there was another incident of him physically assaulting/attacking me, but I can’t remember. If that happened, it was prior to these attacks, to this incident. It would have been before.

As for being ready to go back into the Sea Org, I had people I was lining up to sell my business to, August 31, 1998 was the target date, I was lining it up to make that happen, including selling my furniture, furniture that was only 1 year old or less. Even though I didn’t go back into the Sea Org cause of the hostage crime scene in my  home etc etc, I still sold my furniture to Mya Borgman  Leif, her husband worked at Wiseman and Burke during this time. 



This was either for auditing I paid for that day I drove him to the Ventura Mission when he wanted to commit suicide or it’s for more auditing I paid for. I can’t remember. If it’s the same day, then he owes me $750.00 not $850.00. If it’s not the same day, then he owes me $1600.00 for Scientology services I paid for in addition to the PTS/SP courses I paid for, mine and his and both of our IAS memberships.


Contract between me and Jon Mackinder in regards to a working relationship, including is the money he owed me for paying for his PTS/SP course and IAS membership, he owed my mother Judy but he never paid her either, maybe he told everybody he didn’t owe me, he owed her, so therefore he didn’t have to pay me the money directly.  Only that’s another lie cause he never paid my  mother any money. I paid her back for my PTS/SP course, Jon Mackinder’s PTS/SP course and both of our IAS memberships. He never paid me, nor her.

Looks like he took Digital Gold client checks to cover his auditing at the Ventura Mission and it came from my Digital Gold main account? The Wells Fargo account was my personal account, he banked with Washington Mutual. So why did he have access to my personal checking account? We weren’t married? I probably didn’t notice it on this contract in June of 1998 from all his abuse. He hand wrote this, and verbally told me and when I asked questions, I was emotionally and verbally abused, I probably signed it, to stop the abuse.

He also stole money from my Digital Gold main account using Digital Gold client’s money to pay for church services at the Ventura Mission.

I wrote on the 3rd page, where it says Jon gets only $99.50 from Jane Contest cycle. I wrote next to that, that’s my handwriting, instead of $250.00, cause this was probably verbally agreed upon but he refused to add that, he must have kept ignoring what we were talking about and not being 100% honest, so I added that, I specified it, cause he left that out.  This cycle here was not a pleasant cycle. What should have happened is, it should have been typed up and everything spelled out but I think this was done at CC Int in the canteen area, the outside area, not in my office or home. I can’t remember the reason/reasons.


This KR, per what he told me. He did not own Superpages the directory, but a business called Superpages. He might have been lying about the real business name.


In this KR, this is what Jon Mackinder told me. I thought it was odd cause he was in a 2nd dynamic with me, we were engaged to be married, Pomm knew this, and she’s an OT8, it would be wrong to try to set up somebody that’s in a relationship, engaged to be married and living with the person, it would be a 1.1 action on Pomm’s part. Basically she would be undermining our 2D.

The other reason this was odd,  Jean Dale was close to Pomm’s age and he viewed Pomm like a sister, an older sister. So now Pomm is encouraging spiritual incest?  He would have seen Jean Dale like a sister too. That’s wrong, especially since she’s an OT8. Unless he lied, again.

Pomm also goes by the name of Pomm Hepner.  Pomm Oleson Hepner.


I dated Randy Hepner, her step son while I was a staff member at LADAY, that was before I went into the Sea Org at Bridge Publications.  He was best friends with Bryn Hancock’s brother who was in a wheelchair.

When I ended that 2D, later he did his FPRD and gave me a ride on his motorcycle to Bridge when I was in the Sea Org and apologized how shitty he treated me in that 2D, I think he wanted to get back together, I didn’t. So maybe Randy was upset with me and she already knew about me before Jon Mackinder ever came into my life and didn’t like me cause I broke up with her step son Randy. But she’s an OT8, so that shouldn’t matter and she’s been trained and hatted on ethics technology but instead she decided to play drama rama games.  I realized later while doing my investigations, in 2009/2010. When I met Pomm in 1998 I never put 2 & 2 together, I was busy focused on my business, going up a bridge and my admin scale, I wasn’t even social with anybody, I worked 10-16 hour days pretty much 7 days a week to get my business off the ground.

Jean Dale goes by the name Jean Dale Glass


I didn’t get any weird vibes from Jean Dale, the one time I spoke to her in the psych ward in 1998, after I woke up and did my exam in the bathroom, put on clothes etc etc, I called Jon Mackinder from the psych ward, they had a payphone in there and she told me he wasn’t there and transferred me to OSA.  Jean was nice to me and I never felt jealous of Jean. I’m not a jealous person.


In this KR, it’s about Jon Mackinder not paying his child support payments nor seeing his children.  After I the attacks by Jon Mackinder  while trying to go back into the Sea Org, I called his wife, soon to be ex wife Shelly Mackinder, prior to this, me and her never talked, she’d call my house and scream at me when I answered the phone, she was very abusive. I felt bad cause Jon Mackinder wasn’t officially divorced, he made me feel degraded like a mistress and I also felt like I was breaking up a family and that’s not my style, that’s not who I am, I wanted to make sure everything was kosher in the wog world with all my comm lines so that when I routed back into the Sea Org, nothing would pull me out.

So I called her and got in comm with her and that’s when I found out she was in love with Jon, wanted to make it work with him and she was willing to wait 5 years for him to come back, I had no idea that’s how she felt, all she ever did when I answered the phone was scream at me, how she wants to talk to her husband and that’s not the information I got from Jon Mackinder, a completely different story. Had Shelly Mackinder gotten in comm with me instead of screaming at me when I answered the phone, was a mature adult and told me, I would have ended our 2D and told him to get back together with her.

She also told me how those children were planned, she got IVF, her medical insurance paid for it, I don’t know what kind of medical insurance whether private insurance or medi-cal/medicare but they weren’t an accident they were planned and Jon Mackinder knew that. He lead me to believe that they were an accident and it was all her to keep him in the marriage.

So I did amends to her by submitting her nail business website/webpage into search engines to help her get free promotion and marketing for her business, to help with her survival.  Talking to Shelly, I got that she felt maybe this was a phase Jon was going thru, that I was a phase cause her son’s, twin sons were born in 1997.  I met Jon Mackinder in 1998, February 1998. I thought it was odd that he had 2 young twin children and right after they were born, he split, left his wife. I’ve never dated or was in a relationship with any married men, not my style, it’s a turn off, not a turn on. 

So per Shelly, she was waiting for him to return and per Jon, he couldn’t get away from her fast enough.  Jon was actually suppose to go into the Sea Org with me, that was his choice, it’s something he decided he wanted to do after I spoke to Shelly and did amends to her.

The plan was for me to go first into the Sea Org and Jon would  follow later after working and paying off his debts including opening a trust account for the child support payments for his twin sons like Gavin Potter did with his child.

I don’t know if Jon Mackinder has ever paid child support payments to Shelly Mackinder for his two children with her.

I’m not sure all the reasons why Jon Mackinder left Shelly Mackinder but alot of it had to do with the fact that she’s a religious hater, she hates my religion Scientology. She holds a religion responsible and accountable for Jon Mackinder’s actions. She’s also been stalking me, cyberbullying me, threatening me and abusing me. 


I personally think Shelly Mackinder and Jon Mackinder are soulmates, wholetrack 2Ds, both serial cases and belong here on this prison planet. I also don’t believe Jon Mackinder is a real Scientologist, I believe he infiltrated the Scientology community for networking reasons not spiritual reasons.  Jon Mackinder after 1998, never went into the Sea Org, I believe he lied and didn’t want me to go into the Sea Org, he still had that tape recording and I think he believed he could use it on me, to control me, to abuse me verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually and financially. I believe that was his intent.

All the KRs I wrote, were all ignored by RTC.  The way it’s written, just the facts, no emotions, no HE&R, the way I wrote these KRs was to trigger investigations but instead there was no investigations and my KRs were ignored.

The fact that this guy lied in a type 3 sit (I didn’t know at the time it was false), the fact that he was part of the type 3 sit (he is not trained, educated nor certified in a type 3 sit), abused me including physical, violated my civil rights, ripped me off, owed me money, wasn’t paying taxes, wasn’t paying his child support and was still married while engaging in a sexual 2nd dynamic with me, should have made their ears perk up especially if I’m on my way back into the Sea Org up lines, that’s where I was being recruited, to upper management, a special sea org project to get OT9 and OT10 released, can’t they spot the SP from the KRs?

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