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The New Civil Rights Movement Will Encompass Everybody Not Just Black People - February 19, 2018

The original civil rights movement was started by Martin Luther King Jr and his team, that’s what I was taught in school. They not only protested but went to Federal Court. I was down at the law library and found out what the FBI did to me, they’ve done it to others, others that came before me, they left laws on the books as their contributions to mankind, the human race, to help others that came after them.  But you have to enforce those laws yourself, nobody is gonna do it for you.

Civil Rights is not just for black people and I’m so tired of being left out cause I’m not black this life, cause the color of my skin is not black.  Civil rights is for everybody, every man, woman and child in America regardless of their race, religion, gender, age etc etc.  In this country, cause of the media, they have favoritism towards black people, notice blacks have their own section in a newspaper.



There is no section for white voices or jewish voices or catholic voices etc etc.  The media segregates everybody into demographics, it’s un American and very Nazi like.  There’s a whole month devoted to Black History month, what about Jewish month, Catholic month, White History month, Scientology month, etc etc.

Civil Rights is for everybody not just for black people. The first thing that needs to happen and feel free if you are reading and want to make change regardless of what color you are, what religion you are etc etc, is online courses in colleges including city colleges or the courts so that people can take a course or two online etc etc and learn how to type up a lawsuit for Federal Court, pro se.  Obama could have put that there, it would have been very easy for him, all he had to do as President was fund that for Federal Court and Congress could have approved it. And if you didn’t qualify to do the course/courses for free, you could pay a fee like $25.00 or $50.00 and those fees would go to Federal Court to help sustain it, long term.  But instead he put a program there that only helps black males. It discriminates against everybody else including black females, which I believe is against civil rights laws.


Also feel free to sue the media in Federal Court, they can not hide under the 1st amendment while violating civil rights laws including segregation. How many people did they blow off, not tell their stories because they weren’t black or a celebrity?  Because they didn’t fit a format? A format that’s unconstitutional and violates civil rights laws.

Updated 2/22/2018  12:02am

CNN scripted one of the survivors story, instead of him being able to tell his story, they wrote their own including a speech

Press A
Press B

“CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions and it ended up being all scripted,” Haab told WPLG-TV.

Press C

Did CNN use this tragic incident as a political platform?  Was this girl’s speech written for her by CNN?  Was she picked cause she shaved her head like the Evey Hammond character?  Was she picked cause she’s latina? Did she fit a demographical format for CNN?

If this is the case, then these kids are being manipulated by CNN for political purposes. It’s not genuine, it’s not real but manufactured for political purposes.  It’s a power trip of CNN, do they control this country? I thought this was a government for the people by the people, not a government for and by CNN.  So, is this against the law? Does this violate our constitution?

It’s immoral, unethical, but is it illegal?  I don’t know but, I’m tired of being manipulated by the media, this is manufactured news to manipulate our politicians, both democrats and republicans. Is manipulating our politicians via manufactured news against the law? Is it against our constitution? I don’t know.

The keyword is Media Manipulation and Psychological Manipulation


If you’re annoyed by this, feel free to complain to CNN and tell them, you want real news not fake manufactured news for a political agenda, or stop watching CNN, boycott them until they change their format and start to show real news, honest news. So that you can make up your own mind instead of being manipulated by CNN.

I’ve personally boycotted CNN cause of Don Lemon, he didn’t think nor his network thought this was evil, to him and his network this was just bad home training.  He didn’t see this as what they were, hate crimes, but I bet you if it was reversed and those were white kids doing that to a disabled black kid, all hell would be breaking lose on his show. It’s one sided with CNN,  the message they send is it’s ok for black people to discriminate and commit hate crimes but if it’s reversed and a black person is on the other end of it, then it’s not ok. Don Lemon promotes reverse racism. Basically CNN is not a real news network anymore but a hypocrisy, they are all hypocrites. I’m not CNN’s slave, are you?  Don Lemon is very manipulative, he didn’t think it was evil just bad house training, he didn’t think the act was evil.  What he’s really saying is he doesn’t think hate crimes committed by blacks is evil, but if it’s hate crimes committed by whites then it’s evil. Or a hypocrite. Which is ironic cause he’s gay, you would think he would be an avid opponent against hate crimes cause gay people are also victims of hate crimes. What he really is, is just a dude that promotes and markets reverse racism on his show. 

Press D

And if you feel the same way as I do, just know, you are not alone, feel free to boycott CNN to make change by telling all of your friends, relatives etc etc to boycott them as well.  When their ratings crash long term, then they’ll listen to you, the people.

Updated 5/6/2018 1:15pm

Press E

Here Don Lemon is accusing Mr. Trump of what he is.  Don Lemon is a racist, he just won’t ever admit it, he’d lose his job.  His analogy sounds logical but it’s racist. 

The definition of racist:


Don Lemon has his own definition of a racist, his made up version, it’s not the dictionary’s definition. Don Lemon is self absorbed and self obsessed and thinks the public should go by his definition, he thinks the public should ignore the definitions in the dictionary and go by his made up version, or in other words, Don Lemon is playing God and he’s not God.

The fact that Don Lemon has to point out that Barack Obama was the 1st Black President is racist.

Nobody has ever said, any where in the history of this country, the 23rd White President of the USA or the 24th White President of the USA. But Don Lemon says the 1st  Black President.  He’s a racist, only a racist would point out Barack Obama’s race. Everybody knows he’s black, they can see that Barack Obama is black and can put 2&2 together. But Don Lemon assumes the public is stupid and he has to play God and point it out to everybody. It’s cause he’s a racist. Again, he’ll never admit to it, he’d lose his job and would be open to discrimination lawsuits after admission of his racism.

If you’re black and you have no white friends that you go to dinner with or hang with, or play golf with etc etc that doesn’t make you a racist. Like these women, they’re not racist.

There is no white woman/women in this group, they are not playing golf with any white women, does that make them a racist too? Per Don Lemon’s definition it does.

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