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The Phone Numbers On My Last Phone Bills Part 2 - June 21, 2018



Phone number 818-343-5754

Local Toll Calls


1st phone number or #4 on the bill – The Church of Scientology Ventura on 9/12/98 at 6:51pm for 2 minutes.

Jon Mackinder was a parishioner there. The phone call between Jon Mackinder and Jim Hamre, that bill was a prior bill that I don’t have to refer back to. Jon Mackinder was getting auditing at Ventura Mission while going to course at night at CC Int.  I don’t remember calling Ventura Mission on September 12, 1998 at 6:51pm for any reason.  This was not my org, my org was CC Int and I didn’t know anybody there at the Ventura Mission.


2nd phone or #5 on the bill – John R Diprima, who I have never met nor know or knew a John R. Diprima.   The call was placed on 9/12/1998 at 6:58pm for 6 minutes


I called Jon Mackinder supposedly from Palmdale, this is where Jon Mackinder said, you have 60 seconds to talk,  after the 60 seconds was up, he hung up on me. It was very odd, strange, I’m just trying to find answers.  I can’t remember what day it was, when I got there, while I was there or when I left.

I left Olive View on the 8th of September which was a Tuesday, and Dan Stradford drove me out to bumfuck, per this, it’s Palmdale. It was suppose to be a safe environment so that I could get auditing per the PTS/SP course by an auditor but no auditor ever came.  My car was left at my apartment in Encino.  Per my memories, I arrived in the evening, at around 9:00pm or 10:00pm, we left Olive View around 5:00pm or 6:00pm.


We went to my apartment unit first to pick up my Digital Gold check book, cause I wrote a check to the people where I was taken to, to stay there from my Digital Gold main account and also a change of clothes, my tooth brush, tooth paste, hair dryer etc etc.  Dan Stradford was suppose to pick me up earlier from Olive View around 2:00pm or 3:00pm but he was late cause he got into a car accident, that’s what he told me.

Per my memories, I only stayed that night and left the next day but it could have been longer.  There was no furniture in the place, it wasn’t furnished except some furniture in the living room but the rest of the house wasn’t furnished, and I slept on a mattress. I remember I called Jon Mackinder and him saying I had 60 seconds to talk, it was weird. After my 60 seconds were up, he hung up on me, I never talked to him again.  Dan Stradford never took me back to my apartment unit, my mother and her husband came and picked me up, it was at a mall. I also didn’t think I was in Palmdale, I thought I was in Valencia or Newhall. I would have called my mother from a payphone at this mall per my memories cause I was at this mall and I was talking to somebody, sitting down on a bench and this person wanted to know what I was gonna do and some how CCHR came up in the conversation. I don’t remember her name, just that she was a female.  So if I arrived on 9/8/98 and left on 9/11/98, then I was there in the evening of 9/8/98 and slept there, I was there all day on 9/9/98 and slept there, on 9/10/98, I was there all day and slept there and on 9/11/98 I was there all day, that evening left, didn’t sleep there.  I would have had to sleep on a mattress, also I didn’t have that much clothes to change into/out of etc etc, each day I would have to take a shower, brush my teeth and change clothes, plus eat 3 times a day, they didn’t prepare food for me, I was so hungary on 9/10/1998, I went with the woman whose house it was, to a restaurant in the late afternoon and I had like a steak dinner, early bird special. I would have starved if I stayed that long, that’s the only food I had to eat and I remember thinking, I can’t afford this. So I would have left earlier then 9/11/98. It’s possible I called Jon on 9/8/98 or 9/9/98 or 9/10/98 from where I was but I don’t have the prior bill to refer back to.

After I moved out of my apartment unit, the last week of September, I didn’t move out October 1st, I moved out a week earlier like on September 25th or 26th.

After I moved, I received the bill and I would have looked at it and tried to compare to the prior bills but the prior bills, all the bills were gone and I remember I was pissed cause I know I didn’t call Napa and have a 30 min call with somebody in Napa, I didn’t know anybody in Napa.

But this John Diprima is all over this bill.  It’s my phone but that doesn’t mean nobody entered my home while I wasn’t there and called this John Diprima, it would be an ops by this church, since they entered my home with their keys, there was no forced entry, it’s still breaking and entering, I never gave them permission to go into my home nor did I have knowledge of it. There was 3 different groups who had my keys and access to my apartment unit and were accessing my apartment unit unbeknownst to me.  The three groups were Jon Mackinder, OSA and my landlord.

The phone number on the less then 40 page psych report was his home number  818-541-0882, cause I called Jon Mackinder early evening on 9/5/98 from the pay phone in the psych ward.  


I called  him and Jean Dale Glass or or Jean Dale Ritter, in 1998 she went by the name of Jean Dale, she told me Jon was not there and forwarded/transferred the call to OSA.   But that was not on my bill and the prior bills were gone, stolen by any of these 3 groups above.

Jon Mackinder lived at 1808 Glencoe Way, Glendale, CA 91208, which was Jean Dale’s house.


Phone number 7, 8 or #10, #11 on the phone bill.  

Phone number 18, 27, 28, 32, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40, 44, 45, 46, 51, 59, 62, 63, 65, 68 or #9,#18,#19,#23,#25,#26,#27,#29,#31,#35,#36,#37,#42,#50,#53,#54,#56,#59on the phone bill.

Phone number 70, 72, 73 or #2, #4, #5 on the phone bill.  

– per this phone bill, that number was called 24 times from my phone. On 9/12/98 that number from my phone was called and for 6 minutes at 6:58pm.  On 9/15/98 that number was called for 2 minutes at 4:02pm, on 9/18/98 that number was called from my phone at 11:55am for 10 minutes, on 9/22/98 that number was called from my phone at 8:13pm for 2 minutes, on 9/27/98 that number was called from my phone at 11:15pm for 15 minutes, then the same day the next phone call out at 11:43pm for 3 minutes, and on 9/30/98 that phone number was called from my house at 7:03pm for 2 minutes and the same day, the next phone call out at 8:20pm for 2 minutes.

The rest were 1 minute.

The 9/27/98 and 9/30/98 calls, I would have been moving or moved out already.

3rd phone number or #6 on the phone bill – Is Alex Tyson, my old drummer.

Phone number 5, 6, 21, 37, 39, 42, 43, 57, 58, 60, 61 or #12,#28, #30, #33, #34, #48, #49, #51, #52 on this phone bill.

Per this phone bill I called Alex 12 times.

They were all for 1 minute except for 1 for 6 minutes, it’s possible I left a message and then she called me back, which would be on her phone bill, not mine. The 6 minutes was on 9/25/1998 at 5:36pm. I would have been moving or moved out already.

There was a day when I spoke to her boyfriend Freddie, after coming back to my home, I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t feel safe in my apartment unit, I felt like the John Murdoch character from the Dark City movie, I went all over town trying to get answers to my questions but nobody would talk to me and I wasn’t allowed down at CC Int, I was basically left sitting in it wondering what happened to me, sitting in my injuries, sitting in my concussions, sitting in my PTSDs etc etc.

I drove up the coast to PCH, I just took a drive up the coast and then I got to a certain point, I turned around and drove back. When I spoke to Freddie, I told him I took a drive up the coast, up PCH and he said “Did you see anything”? I said, “yeah, the ocean”, he comm lagged, and I said “you know the water, the sun, the sky etc etc”, he was weird over the phone, so I had to describe to him what I saw, it’s like he’s never seen the ocean, that’s how he acted.  But that was more then 6 minutes and it’s not on this phone bill.

4th phone number or #7 on the phone bill is Narconon in Newport Beach.  I have never been there nor know anybody that was a patient nor works there. I know I didn’t call Newport Beach Narconon, so who did? I had no reason to call Narconon. The call was placed 9/12/1998 at 7:20pm for 2 minutes.


9th phone number or #12 on the phone bill is Icy Air Conditioning on 9/15/1998 at 9:23am for 1 minute – This was probably my client, maybe a referral from On Target. My Digital Gold client files were stolen on Cumpston, so I don’t have them to refer back to. This is another count of tampering with evidence for Doreen Doshay Russell, Karen Freemon and their accomplices.

Phone number 20, 22, 26, 29 or #11,#13, #17, #20 on the phone bill.  They were all 1 minute calls except for phone number 20 or #11 on the phone bill 9/15/98 at 4:29pm for 14 minutes.


The 10th phone number or #1 on the phone bill on 9/15/1998 at 9:23am for 1 minute is to Hamid Tabibzadeh, this person is connected to Farid Tabibzadeh and Shahab Ermani, both OT8 and they were starting Speedy Click, they wanted me to be part of that project.

The 19th phone number or #10 on the phone bill on 9/15/1998 at 4:28pm for 1 minute was to Majid Tabib Tabibzadeh, I think that was Farid’s wife.

Jon Mackinder and his brother tried to extort money from Farid and Shahab, they were holding their prototypes of their website including the programming hostage, I referred Jon Mackinder to them for programming and he pulled in his brother for the job, both of these men, tried to extort money from my clients by holding their website prototype hostage. These were just prototypes of the database including comps and screen shots they were talking about and they wanted money out of my clients Farid and Shahab, they got paid,  Farid and Shahab never had the intention of getting free work but Jon Mackinder and his brother were under the impression that’s what was going on, it got weird, I felt that was wrong cause they were gonna hire them to build and program their site, after that, they hired other people for the project, after the way they were treated by Jon Mackinder and his brother, they tried strong arming them and I was at the meeting, they were suppose to get paid in increments, stages, after each stage, Jon Mackinder and his brother was suppose to turn over the finished product to Farid and Shahab cause they paid for, that’s what was agreed upon between Jon Mackinder, his brother, Farid and Shahab. But instead they wanted the entire $50k up front for the project when they just delivered a prototype of what it might be, I think Farid and Shahab just paid them for the prototype including the comp programming, database, the prototype, whatever was agreed on for the database at the very first initial stage and moved on from them.  Nobody in the industry pays anybody $50k for the entire project up front, what happens if they blow, then they’re out that $50k, the standard is stages, when you complete this stage, you get this much, when you complete this stage, you receive this much etc etc.



The 11th phone number or #2 on the phone bill is Earl Dwight Williams, I have never met nor know or knew an Earl Dwight Williams.  The call was on 9/15/98 for 1 minute at 9:24am


The 12th phone number or #3 on the phone bill is Ralphs Grocery in Pasadena on 9/15/1998 at 9:37am for 5 minutes and the 16th phone number or #7 on the phone bill on 9/15/1998 at 2:42pm for 1 minute. I have never been there nor know anybody that worked there in 1998.

This phone number in 1998 belonged to Claude Matar’s company, Center For Health and Well Being.


The 13th phone number or #4 on the phone bill is a Pinki Chen. I have never met nor know or knew a Pinki Chen. This call was for 1 minute on 9/15/98 at 9:43am and another call on the same day at 3:51pm for 7 minutes, the 17th phone number or #8 on this bill.


The 14th phone number or #5 on the phone bill is a Lloyd L Mcphee.  I have never met nor know or knew a Lloyd Mcphee. This phone number also belongs to Wiseman and Burke, they were a client that I turned over to Jon Mackinder to service cause I was going back into the Sea Org,  they also did my taxes as well.  Mya Borgman’s husband Leif worked there, at this time and they purchased my furniture cause I was gonna go back into the Sea Org.  After I came back from bumfuck with no Scientology auditor ever arriving to apply my religion, I stayed at Mya’s house and even though I didn’t go back into the Sea Org, they purchased my furniture.

The 14th phone number or #5 on the phone bill, on 9/15/98 at 2:31pm for 2 minutes, 47th phone number or #38 on the phone bill on 9/21/98 at 9:16am for 6 minutes, 48th phone number or #39 on the phone bill on 9/21/98 at 9:23am for 1 minute and 67th phone number or #58 on the phone bill on 9/28/98 at 10:02am for 4 minutes.


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