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The Phone Numbers On My Last Phone Bills Part 3 - June 21, 2018



Phone number 818-343-5754

Calling Card


On 9/19/98 at 7:17pm for 6 minutes, my card was used to call a Jeremiah Kirkpatrick Brown, I don’t know Jeremiah Kirkpatrick Brown but it looks like it’s connected to Allen Stansfield, who I went to see in Sherman Oaks, across the street from the Sherman Oaks park when he lived on Hazeltine.  The call was from a pay phone in Panorama City. I remember calling Allen from my home phone not a payphone. #6 on the phone bill.


On 9/21/98 at 4:55pm for 3 minutes, my card was used to call Delma E Vasquez, this was my mother’s Judy’s phone number in 1998. The call was in North Hollywood, currently the phone goes to Berta Flores who did not live at that North Hollywood Address until 2006, the prior owners Victor and Martha and Seda Valles, I have never met, nor know nor knew etc etc. #7 on the phone bill.


On 9/24/98 at 2:52pm for 2 minutes, my card was used to call Digital Gold Voicemail/Pager from a phone number in North Hollywood. I didn’t know anybody in North Hollywood.  And I was probably busy moving so I doubt that was me. #8 on the phone bill.


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