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The Phone Numbers On My Last Phone Bills - June 20, 2018

My Utility Bills for 1998


For phone number 818-343-7508



Palmdale was supposedly the place I was taken where I asked my assigned minister to apply my religion, per the PTS/SP course if you are a type 3, you’re suppose to take them out to the forest, let them destim, chill out and then audit them, I waited and waited and waited, but no auditor ever came.   I was driven there by Dan Stradford, my car was left at my apartment in Encino. I did not know at that time that these people made copies of my keys including my car keys nor that Jon Mackinder had copies as well. I do not know if they stole my car using the duplicate keys they made.  

On 9/11/98, I was in supposedly in Palmdale, California waiting for an auditor, they were taking away my religion unbeknownst to me.


I don’t remember calling Alex Tyson from there. I called Jon Mackinder from there and he said I had 60 seconds to talk and then time was up and he hung up on me. I never spoke to him ever again.  The number I would have called would have been 818-541-0882, at that time he moved back to Jean Dale’s house, he rented a room from her.  Jon Mackinder lived at 1808 Glencoe Way, Glendale, CA 91208, which was Jean Dale’s house.



I don’t remember calling my mother from where I was at, I remember calling her from a pay phone and my mother and her husband came and picked me up.

Alex Tyson

AlexTyson.pdf  – me and Freddie, Alex’s boyfriend, Alex took the picture.

John Diprima – I don’t know nor met nor knew a John Diprima.


Delma Vasquez – I don’t know nor met nor knew a Delma Vasquez, this phone number in 1998 belonged to my mother Judy.


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