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The Statute Of Limitations Is Tolled Till 2025 - November 19, 2017


“The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” 



Jerry Brown passed these three laws:

SB813 – This law removes the statute of limitations on rape, if I had gotten my psych reports in 2017 then I’d have no statute of limitations


455. Statute of Limitations—Delayed Discovery – I was unconscious at the time of these crimes, I didn’t know what happened to me, Olive View intentionally concealed the psych reports, not once, but twice. Nobody would talk to me in this church, lied to me including Jamie Welte, the Ethics Officer at CC Int, she told me over the phone around in September after I got out of the psych ward and back home to my apartment from a ranch owned by Scientologists, I was still living in Encino in 1998 to wait until December and I could come back onlines at CC Int. I remember this, the wait till December, she didn’t say why nor give me any reasons why, just to wait until December, my landlord who was not a Scientologist also told me the same thing when I paid him $50.00 or $60.00 to fix the broken handle for the window, that I broke when I was being held hostage in my apartment, I took my phone in the living room and pulled it out of the wall and threw it towards the window, but it didn’t break, instead it broke the window handle, you couldn’t open it.  But instead on 9/11/98 they took away my religion unbeknownst to me, I found out in Jan of 1999.  So when I talked to Jamie Welte, my religion was already gone, she lied to me over the phone cause they labeled me a false PTS type A already, Jamie Welte lied to me when I spoke to her in September, on 9/11/98 I was at a ranch owned by Scientologists waiting for an auditor to come and audit me cause this was a type 3 sit per them, but no auditor ever came. This wasn’t a type 3 sit, this was a false type 3 sit. 


I found out about the sexual abuse that Jon Mackinder committed on me while unconscious in 1998, in 2015 cause Jon Mackinder made a partial confession online.



I was unconscious both times, in both sexual abuse incidents back to back, these two laws define that, I wasn’t just raped once at each different location, instead I was video taped naked while unconscious and sexually abused including rape by Jon Mackinder and possibly by other Scientologists and then at Olive View, I was injected and overdosed on psych drugs without my knowledge and consent and put into a state of unconsciousness and I was kept that way for 36 hours while I was raped and sexually abused by Olive View Staff and possibly LAPD.

Both of these sexual abuse incidents, the statute of limitations is tolled, I have till 2025 before the statute of limitations expires.

Jon Mackinder’s Partial Confession:

In 2012, I came forward to the crimes, what I was aware of in1998 online, I put up a website called ScientologyForYou.info



I also tweeted Jon Mackinder aka Jon Magnificent in 2011 around November 4, 2011 and kept tweeting him over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. 


In 2014 he sent me an email


He also put his own story on his website in 2015 that he’s since deleted.


I did a quick eval of his story


My eval is unofficial, the official version will be in my lawsuits.

And who owns this domain, Delta Tone 40 Records, Jon Mackinder aka Jon Magnificent




I also authenticated this evidence on my personal blog


I have the over 150 pages for the psych report from Olive View for 1998 with the sexual abuse.

Both back to back sexual abuse incidents, I have probable cause for investigations thru Federal Court.

Since this is a criminal matter and the LAPD prevented me from reporting crimes in 1998 when they reinforced all the pain and trauma of these 2 sexual abuse incidents back to back and threatened me with murder by implying that if I attempted in any way, shape or form to obtain the police report, I would be murdered. So since the LAPD  prevented me from reporting crimes in 1998, they never did any investigations, so investigations will have to be done thru Federal Court.


This is not a civil case, these are criminal cases.  It’s criminal cases thru civil court since I’m the victim and nobody in law enforcement helped me but instead reinforced pain and trauma and caused more pain and trauma.

The Laws The LAPD broke in 1998

California Penal Code 135
California Code, Penal Code 136.1

The 14th amendment – The right to pursue ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

If I found out about these crimes in 2017, I would have no statute of limitations.  So for men and women who were sexually abused while unconscious, if it happened in 2017 or after, you have no statute of limitations per the new law Jerry Brown passed.

Updated 11/20/2017 9:27am


After I put up this blog, something didn’t sit well with me or an outpoint, it was the false PTS type A declare that I received in Jan of 1999, on 9/11/98 I was delcared PTS type A and lost my religion but I spoke to Jamie Welte in September who told me to wait, and I spoke to the Ethics office down in CC Int in November/December 1998. When I received this from Dan Stradford my assigned Scientology minister, I felt insulted, lied to, made wrong and set up, something was off, cause they stabbed me in the back. I was told to wait, I was discharged from Olive View on the 8th of September, I was in there for 4 days and my assigned Scientology minister Dan Stradford picked me up and took me out to a ranch style house, I don’t know where nor the address, he drove me there. When I got there it was early or late in the evening between 7:00pm and 10:00pm and there was no furniture in the house, hardwood floor and where I was told to sleep was a room with a mattress. How long did I stay at this ranch style house waiting for an auditor to audit me cause this was a type 3 sit? There’s a 3 day span here. After Olive View I was at a ranch style house out somewhere near or around Valencia, I arrived on the 8th of September on a Tuesday, and slept there that night and woke up there on the 9th which was a Wednesday, the 10th was a Thursday and the 11th a Friday. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, in the Church of Scientology their stats, their week ends on Thursday at 2:00pm including the Ethics Office. I wasn’t driven back to my apartment by my assigned Scientology Minister, I left the ranch style house and walked to a mall and made a call and got picked up and driven back to my apartment, dropped off.  My place was thrashed, now I was left to pick up the pieces of my life at the scene of the crime, being held hostage for days, maybe even weeks. But I did call Jon Mackinder while at this ranch style house on September 8, 1998 and he told me I had a few minutes to talk to him, I was WTF? Jon Mackinder will have to be interviewed by the Judges to find out what happened on his end. So when I spoke to Jamie Welte in September after I returned to my apartment and she told me to wait, she turned around and stabbed me in the back and put a PTS type A declare. She never disclosed that I lost my religion or that I was declared PTS type A, it was just wait. I found out in 2008, that the reason I was declared PTS type A was based on one KR and that KR was by Jon Mackinder, my FSM also a Scientology Minister Daphna Hernandez aka Daphna Levy told me. I had to get approval to come back to this church including giving them the 2 less then 40 pages of the psych reports and when Daphna went to do that as my FSM she found out there was only 1 KR in my ethics file and it was from Jon Mackinder who wrote that I went crazy cause I owed my mother money, this was a false KR. I never received a copy of it. I do not know the date of that false KR by Jon Mackinder, the Judges will have to get a copy of it, is that what lead to me losing my religion on 9/11/98, one false KR by Jon Mackinder, the same guy that beat me up etc etc?

Email to CCHR


Dan Stradford OT8 my assigned Scientology Minister 1998


Daphna Hernandez OT8 my FSM in 2008 and also a Scientology Minister


The exact specifics of CC Int’s and OSA’s investigations that lead to me losing my religion on 9/11/98 will have to be investigated to find out, to this date I don’t have all the facts.

The reason I’m doing this here is cause I have to type up the lawsuit myself, I’m not an attorney and I have to know what to tell Federal Court in the lawsuit.

Here’s how I felt, when I found out in 1999 that I lost my religion, stabbed in the back. What did I do that was so bad to pull this in? I trusted these people, I went by their rules, their instructions and in the end, I lost my religion.

And I want to correct this portion

on 9/11/98 I was at a ranch owned by Scientologists waiting for an auditor to come and audit me cause this was a type 3 sit per them, but no auditor ever came. This wasn’t a type 3 sit, this was a false type 3 sit.

Where was I 9/11/98, which was a friday, was I at this ranch style house or was I back at my apartment in Encino being told to wait till December, being lied to when this was already done?

Updated 11/20/2017 2:03pm

The date this was originally published was 11/19/2017. I’m not a professional blogger, so while I document my journeys, I’m also getting familiar with this technology etc etc

Updated 11/28/2017 10:14am

I was approved to be back onlines in 2008 via Daphna Levy Hernandez, both my psych files, 1998 and 2008 got routed up to int management thru CMO via Daphna Levy Hernandez.  I moved to Cumpston to be near the Valley Org, the Ideal Valley Org right down the street.  Cause of my schedule and finances etc etc I started doing extension courses in my home.


On 8/28/09 I was thrown in jail for treasspassing on a citizen’s arrest. I went to AO to talk to a minister and the 1st day I was physically thrown out of AO while waiting at reception, about 5 security guards came and lifted me off the ground and carried me out of AO and threw me on the cement. I remember I was exterior in AO when that happened, about 6 feet away from my body and after they threw me onto the cement, I got smashed back into my body, and for a 1/2 second maybe more I lost consciousness.  I didn’t understand why they physically attacked me, hurt me, I was just waiting to talk to a minister. I was told to leave and I said, that’s ok, I’ll wait. Since when is it a crime to talk to a minister.  I was approved to be back. I was happy, uptone.  After they did that, I think that physical assault started the process again of me crossing the wall of fire, what they started in 1998, I was exterior and they physically hurt me, which is against their rules, especially to an OT.  They’re all about no Pain in this church yet they hurt me.  There was no reason to throw me out of AO, I was just waiting to talk to a minister. They decided without giving me any reason to harm me, it was like an ambush.  Then the next day I came back, determined to talk to a minster, the price of freedom, constant alertness and the willingness to fight back, I was then arrested for trespassing. I was waiting for AO to open, they weren’t open yet, it was like 4:00am or 5:00am I think.  The security guard Tim, the same guy that was part of the people that physically harmed me the day before was now telling me to leave and I refused, so I went into the canteen inside of Incomm/Asho area and sat down, indian style. That was an interesting experience, I started having tunnel vision, I did OT TR 0, just sitting there with my eyes open and confronting my environment and shit turned on and it was like tunnel vision, it was wild. I’m just sitting there doing OT TR0 eyes open, naturally and normally, it was instinctual, from my last life training in the Sea Org and everything around me was a blur except for what was in front of me. I didn’t know at that time what was happening to me and my last life training in the Sea Org kicked in, automatically.

Then this Tim guy came over and he couldn’t control me, he just wanted me to leave and I refused, I said, that’s ok, I’ll wait till AO is open and then he had a tantrum, which was weird, a grown man having a tantrum. Then he left and later came back and said I could go into see a minister in AO and I said ok.  I think AO is opened at 9:00am, I didn’t know what time it was. Then I got up and when we walked out, the LAPD pulled up and Tim lied to the LAPD, and they arrested me.  It was another ambush. The LAPD never asked my side of the story, they just believed Tim. So I was handcuffed and put in the back seat of the cop car. While driving, there was two LAPD officers, an asian driver and a black guy on the passengers side. Both nice guys.  I chit chatted with the black cop on the passengers side, he wanted to know about my religion, he thought it was for celebrities and science fiction fans, I told him I was a science fiction fan, we were joking around, he wasn’t mean nor condescending.  So we pull in and I got booked and put into a cell and then from there moved to jail. What was weird was I wasn’t phased by this at all, in fact the opposite, my case turned off and I came right into present time.  Prison didn’t restimulate my case, it did the opposite to my case, I felt at home, safe. I talked to inmates, walked around to pass the time. I then read the back of the form they gave me and it said  I could contact my minister to get me released if it’s a Bonafide Religion, at this time I didn’t know why I was arrested, my rights weren’t read to me, I just went with the LAPD. So I called Daphna from a payphone in the jail, I think it was a payphone and I had no money so she took the charge on her phone.  I told Daphna where I was and to come get me, she got weird on the phone and wanted me to lie to the LAPD cause I’m a Scientologist and I was like WTF? I didn’t even know why I was arrested and she wanted me to lie. I’m thinking, the gig is up ok, lie, are you kidding me, there was no reason to lie, so that whole cycle was weird, I’m being asked by my Scientology Minister/FSM to lie to the LAPD with no reason cause I’m a Scientologist, it didn’t make sense to me and I wasn’t a robot who was gonna obey orders, sure I’ll just lie, ok.  I read her the paper that I was given and to come pick me up cause it’s a bonafide religion, I can be released, it’s right here. So she came and got me I think the next day, I spent the night in jail or she got me that day, I can’t remember. 

When I got released, I think Daphna had to wait for hours, cause they told me she was here but then I had to wait hours, it wasn’t she’s here, you can go. Hours later I was released and routed to the inventory department, where they take your personal belongings and the black female cop in that area was like looking over my stuff to make sure everything is in there. So I checked it out and everything was there. I opened my wallet and I had all this plastic so I started laying them out like dealing a deck of cards with my credit cards, membership cards, reward cards etc etc, it was about 1/4 inch, I had alot of plastic.  And I said to her, do I have to do this and she said no, and I was like ok, I trust you, otherwise I’d be there all day and I wanted to leave. So she handed me my purse and there was a penny scotched taped to my purse. I’m thinking X marks the spot, it’s a little joke to myself, Pirates, Anons etc etc, I was aware of anonymous, I’m a Scientologist. I’m sure that penny was in the bottom of my purse and it fell out  and they scotched taped it, I didn’t read into it, I thought it was funny, like a joke but only I got it.

But what was weird, the mexican female cop at the front desk on our way out, told me after me and Daphna walked out, I had to go to the front desk and sign something and she said, she’s weird, you’re ok, you’re fine. And I was like ok LMAO.  And then I left and me and her went to Dennys and got something to eat, Daphna was under the impression that I was going type 3 ie crazy.  

After I got home, I got really pissed, angry, I started thinking about my survival and how they cut my survival, prison = no job and for me prison=deportation, you break the law and your entire life is destroyed, so I got pissed, angry that these people cut my survival, cut means to destroy in Scientology lingo and survival means life, so they cut my survival all cause I wanted to talk to a minister, free speech, my 1st amendment.  And then my case speeded up and what they started in 1998 started happening again.  I didn’t know what was happening to me, so I just applied my religion, including reading my basic books and applying TRs and I just kept going wholetrack, that means remembering past lives but I went all the way to OT3 and my GE was so restimulated that I was getting my GE’s past life memories too and I learned what happened OT3 from my GE cause I was already dead, murdered when OT3 happened which means when the universe ended, so I never knew how the universe ended 75 million years ago in a galaxy far far away, my GE told me from memories, told the story of how it happened thru memories.  I didn’t know exactly how, who did what, it was more of a general thing and I got the GE’s memories including emotions and it was how the human race ended, that GE happened to be on the end of that cycle, when the universe ended 75 million years ago in a galaxy far far away, that civilization ended, my GE was in the body of a man and he just happened to be the last of the human race. That was wild, I wasn’t prepared. I’m a last life clear, I went clear in the Sea Org last life and I did OT1 last life, my next thing on my bridge was OT2 but I didn’t know that when I attested to being a last life clear, I was actually OT1 from last life or OT last life.  I realized that after I crossed the wall of fire, my memories of last life and the OT levels last life. Crossing the wall of fire was wild and if I could do it again, I would, best ride ever.

I realized why I felt at home in jail and why I was counting my plastic like a deck of cards. My past lives in law enforcement, undercover including in jail ie the implant stations and why my case wasn’t restimulated, it was the opposite, it brought me into present time and I felt at home, even the arrest, I’d often get arrested undercover in my past lives and well if you go undercover in an implant station, you have to be arrested first, it has to look real even to the prison guards, the prison guards never knew who was undercover and who wasn’t.

I also had to go to court and I went and it got thrown out. What was wild was trying to find the court house, I kept spinning on the address and I realized no wonder the criminals get fucked, they never make it cause they can’t find it, the address, I kept driving back and forth and spinning around looking for it, there was no address and I’m like where is it? I finally found it, I was early and waited in line, there was a long line, but in that line there was other Scientologists who were online at the Valley Org from like 20 years ago, so that was wild, small world. We chit chatted to pass the time.  Finally I went to the booth and I got this rejection on the ticket thing. I had to ask them, what is this? What does it mean? I’ve never been arrested nor been in prison, I have no criminal record, so I have no experience with this. So they told me, it’s been rejected and I said ok what does that mean? They said, you can go home, ok, do I have to do anything else? And they said, no. And I’m like that’s it? And they were like that’s it.  So I left.


The CCHR stuff afterward, after being thrown in prison was cause I was crossing the wall of fire, to handle my case, contributions, if you take responsibility for the 4th dynamic, mankind, the human race, ie help the 4th dynamic while crossing the wall of fire, you’ll be fine, if you don’t, I think you’ll go psychotic and die. CCHR deals with psych abuses within the psych field/industry, so helping them helps the 4th dynamic, mankind, the human race.

Implant stations is prisons in outer space, the real nuthouse LMAO

This vid below is an analogy for implant stations and the cops in the vid are analogies for the prison guards, they’d abuse the inmates, one of my jobs was to document the abuse so that middle management and senior management could handle it by giving our people implants to stop the abuse of inmates. That was just one job, I had a license to kill undercover even prison guards. 

Updated 11/28/2017 12:19pm

At the time of my arrest, I didn’t know I was arrested for tresspassing, the Tim security guy never told me in front of the LAPD, he never read my rights to me nor informed me, this is a citizen’s arrest etc etc. He lied to me and said I can see a minister at AO, I don’t know what he told the LAPD. I found out later, cause I think the person Tim his last name is Hicks the security guard  and they told me at the booth in court when it was rejected.  I also don’t know who posted bail, it says on the pink slip $500.00 but it was rejected and I never paid anything, if Daphna did, she never told me, she never disclosed it to me, she just came and picked me up.

Under arresting officer on the pink paper, it says citizen.

#12 on the pink paper, Religious Observation, that was my out card.  

Updated 8/6/2018 1:09am


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