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The Statute Of Limitations Is Tolled For Both Cases - June 3, 2018

The Church of Scientology till 2025
Olive View Medical till 2025
The LAPD tolled indefinitely

The FBI tolled indefinitely
The DOJ tolled indefinitely
The LAPD tolled indefinitely

Extraordinary Circumstances tolls the statute of limitations, in 1998, the LAPD committed crimes on me, they prevented me from reporting the crimes of Scientologists in my home and the rapes in Olive Viewthey also implied they would murder me if I attempted to obtain the police report in any way shape or form and they reinforced the trauma and pain of these 2 back to back sexual abuse incidents causing severe PTSDs where each time I attempted to recall those memories I had flashbacks with force and my head would go to the side, I just didn’t know I had PTSDs at that time. In order to talk about what happened, you have to recall those memories but I couldn’t do that cause of the flashbacks with force, so the LAPD was successful in silencing me and by silencing me, they Obstructed Justice.

Extraordinary Circumstances also tolls the statute of limitations for 2014, The FBI and LAPDboth prevented me from reporting crimes and reinforced the pain and trauma of these hate crimes and I now have more PTSDs, the DOJ, blew me off, ignored me, crimes of Omission, failure to act.

Because all these agencies commited crimes on me, they never did investigations and investigations have to be done in Federal Court by the Judges. Because of their crimes on me in the 1st case, they actually obstructed Justice in the 2nd case, cause two people that are relevant to this case cause they are witnesses are both dead now and dead people don’t talk.

Due to these circumstances, my life has been completely destroyed including my sources of income by the hate crimes on Cumpston and all these people knew that, I will be asking Federal Court that they go to prison, including Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder, I believe they on purpose refused to help me cause they are religious and racist haters. I’m sure everybody involved will need psych evals. These crimes are so hideous, they all just investigated me, reinforced pain and trauma of the crimes and gave me more PTSDs which increases my damages for therapy to $100k and up a month (intensive therapy psych drug free for people with psychic abilities) and caused me financial hardship as the statute of limitations to sue everybody for my monetary damages has expired do to their failures to act, neglect, but continued to spy on me violating my 4th amendment instead of doing their jobs of helping me, the victim.

In the Scientology religion we have something called the Scientology Ethics book, and I learned from that book, there is an exception to every rule and these cases are it.

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