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There Are No Attorneys For Federal Court - January 18, 2017

I tried the Federal Bar Association and in Los Angeles there was only 5 attorneys that practice in Los Angeles. Four of them practice business and contracts, the only 1 that did civil rights was for a workplace environment.

When I called the State Bar Association, I was told verbally that they had no attorneys that practiced in Federal Court, only State Court.

So, as the victim of Hate Crimes and Sexual Abuse etc etc, I have to represent myself, enforce the laws of this land myself as well as the Constitution.

I’ll be documenting my journeys to Federal Court to help other victims of the FBI, the DOJ, the LAPD, Olive View Medical and The Church of Scientology.

This is to help all their victims all over the USA so they can view my cases and help themselves in their cases, from start to finish. Going to court is more then just reading press releases, there’s so much that the public never sees and this will help educate people in the process and I hope gives them courage to fight, to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and fight for their freedom

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