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There’s Corruption Within The Federal Government – My Case Is Just One Example - February 20, 2018

The letter I got from the FBI and the blow off from the DOJ is just one example of the corruption within these two agencies.

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The Crimes Committed By the LAPD, FBI and DOJ

They have done this to other law abiding taxpayers.  This is their SOPs. This is how they operate. They don’t serve the public, they only serve themselves while the taxpayers pay for it.


What kind of ops does the DOJ run on people.  I know about the type of ops the FBI does:


They’ll have to be investigated to find out and what kind of ops did they run on me?  Is the DOJ committing hate crimes on individuals that are/were trying to report hate crimes or trying to get to Federal Court to enforce laws?  If they classified it, the Federal Judges will have to get those records from FISA Court.


The FBI will have to be investigated as well for their ops on me. Their intent, cause I got their computations and that was that I become the Evey Hammond character for this anonymous hate group. Hence their intent to reinforce pain and trauma on purpose so that I go psychotic and become violent and/or commit suicide.


The FBI and DOJ helped Mike Rinder, but refused to help me, Mike Rinder’s victim.


Mike Rinder after leaving this Church became a paid informant for the FBI.

“Rinder, who had also acted as a confidential informant to the FBI in a human-trafficking investigation against the church, told Ortega that he had just been notified by the Justice Department that his e-mail had been hacked by some private investigator. Ortega asked him if the investigator was Saldarriaga; Rinder, surprised, replied that it was. So both men filed victim impact statements with the Justice Department, pressing the government to pursue charges against Saldarriaga’s clients—convinced that the Church of Scientology was involved.”

Mike Rinder’s Victim Impact Statement
Tony Ortega’s Victim Impact Statement

Mike Rinder was head of OSA in 1998 when I was held hostage in my home and video taped naked while unconscious and sexually abused which might also be on that video tape/tapes.

Fuck you FBI Nazis, you’re all gonna go to prison for this, this Jew is gonna put you there. You piece of shit Nazis. While you all played this game with my life and prevented me, stopped me from having a family of my own, Mike Rinder went off and had children and a new family. You all made sure I’d be an orphan by your crimes of omission, so the FBI will have to pay out for the loss of my own family.



How do I put a price tag on that? Well FBI it’s gonna cost you billions since you got in bed with Mike Rinder. How many other men and women did he do this to while working for this church? By the time I’m done, your agency will be destroyed financially and you people will be in prison.  You wanted a war, you wanted me to be the Evey Hammond character, you got it, it just won’t be like the movie, I don’t go on script, I’m not a robot like you people. All anons are gonna go to Federal Court and sue you people out of existence and put you in prison, ops will be run on you and your crimes will be found.  Once in prison, the guards are gonna look the other way while you all get raped and beaten everyday, you sick piece of shit Nazis.  And the pain is never gonna end, not even after you are dead.

You will go down in history for destroying this country and murdering law abiding taxpayers while in collusion with the criminals that committed the hate crimes and sexual abuse on the victims. You are all responsible and accountable for the destruction of the USA.  You’re sick, gross, twisted pieces of shit and you’re all fucked LMAO, it’s gonna be so much fun, so many people are gonna be running ops on you Nazis and there’s nothing you can do, to stop it. You created this, when you went into collusion with Mike Rinder.

Everybody else, destroy these Nazis lives by doing the right thing and put them in prison, get paid to put these Nazis away, they’re gonna love them in prison LMAO.  This is against the law what they did, this is un american and this is how these people are trained? This is insane, no wonder crimes continue to go up and will continue in this country. You’re all very lucky this is a prison planet, otherwise, you’d all be dead already, that move, of hiring Mike Rinder as an FBI informant and on purpose preventing me, the victim from reporting hate crimes and ignoring what happened to me the victim in 1998, Mike Rinder was an accomplice to those crimes, you showed your true colors, who you really are, criminals, only criminals do this to victims, real cops don’t. If this wasn’t a prison planet, I would have killed all of you already, I would have a license to kill and you people would be dead. But that’s too quick for you people, now it’s gonna be the rest of your lives, investigations, you people will be walking on egg shells and constantly looking over your shoulders, forever, the only people that won’t will be your co-workers that throw you under a bus, so they can walk free and clear, they’ll be off my shit list and my corp won’t be running legal ops on them to find their crimes, we’ll look the other way.

Anons, you know who you are, you’re with me, you’ll come work at my anti corruption and abuse corporation and we’re gonna take these Nazis out, legal like.  As for clean records, well, nobody is perfect. As long as you haven’t raped anybody, you’re pretty much good. I don’t care about murder ok, if you killed some pedafiles on the job, that’s ok in my book, it actually benefits mankind, the human race long term, it prevents other abuses of children long term.  But rape, well, what kind of a retard has to rape a woman to get laid? A loser and no losers are gonna be on my team. You could have just paid for legal hookers like the Secret Service. If ex CIA wanna join in on this fun, you’re welcome to come and work for my corp too, you can still be anons, there will be a legal department to handle court, so no worries. 

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