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These Bio Crimes Could Have Been Prevented Part 1 - October 6, 2017

The LAPD when they entered my apartment, the door would have been locked, who let them in? It wasn’t me, I was unconscious. How long was the LAPD there and who did they talk to? It wasn’t me. They took the lies of my captors and based on those lies labeled me crazy and took me into the hospital on a 5150. They saw the injuries to my body and believed my captors. My captors never told them how Jon Mackinder beat me up 2 weeks prior to this incident, how Jon Mackinder whose 6’3 took me, 5’2 at that time and picked me up and threw me across the room, across my glass dining room table and landed on the floor, the carpeted floor. My captors never told the LAPD how Jon Mackinder then picked me up while I was holding onto my art deco tall lamp and threw me and the lamp out of my home where I landed on the pavement. My captors never told the LAPD after I landed on the cement pavement how I was unable to get up and stayed on the cement pavement while going unconscious for a few seconds and dizzy and reeling from that abuse, violence. My captors never told the LAPD how Jon Mackinder bashed my head into my office chair while he was on the phone with Jim Hamre of Ventura Mission. My captors knew this as after this scene, both me and Jon Mackinder went down to CC Int to talk to the ethics officer. I couldn’t go to the police first to report those crimes, if I did that, I’d be declared an SP and lose my religion. Down in ethics, the ethics officer saw me and Jon Mackinderseparately and after that, both Jon Mackinder and the ethics officer decided I was responsible and accountable for Jon Mackinder’s actions, for Jon Mackinder’s abuse, for Jon Mackinder’s violence. Maybe that’s what my captors told the LAPD, that I was responsible and accountable for their abuse, I wouldn’t know I was unconscious. Prior to Jon Mackinderattacking me and beating me up, he was attempting to blackmail me. We were having a conversation when he whipped out a tape recorder and started tape recording me, then he’d turn it off when it was his turn to talk in the conversation. I didn’t understand at that time what he was doing nor why and asked him to stop doing that, he refused, I then asked for the tape recorder and he refused, when I took it from him, that’s when he got angry and attacked me. I told the ethics officer at CC Int this, the ethics officer knew and condoned Jon Mackinder doing this even though it’s against the law and our constitution.

Had the LAPD talked to me at the Hospital not ask me 2 questions at the crime scene after I’ve woken up from a state of unconsciousness, a state that was going on for days, possibly for weeks, had they interviewed me instead of labeling me crazy, they would have figured out the crimes that were committed on me and prevented Olive View staff from injecting me with psych drugs without my knowledge nor consent and overdosing me where they continued injecting me with psych drugs over and over and over and over and over again, it was more then a 24 hour period of Olive View staff injecting me with psych drugs drugs, it was approximately 36 hours of Olive View staff injecting me with psych drugs over and over and over and over again while I was unconscious and keeping me unconscious.

Had the LAPD allowed me to get the police report, a police report I paid for and report the crimes after these crimes occurred, the final outcome, my reproductive system destroyed could have been prevented.

While following up on the police report, a police report I paid for, the LAPD said they would not give me the police report even though I paid for it and implied that if I attempted in any way shape or form to get it, they would murder me after yelling at me, screaming at me and hanging up on me. I did nothing to provoke these emotions by the LAPD, I was nice and polite, so when this occurred it came out of left field, unexpected. In doing these actions of corruption and abuse, the LAPD reinforced all the pain and trauma including the abuse and sexual abuse of being held hostage in my home and trying to escape more then once, as well as my past lives where I was held hostage, tortured, sexually abused and murdered in similar environments. They also reinforced all the pain, trauma and abuse I received in Olive View including the numerous sexual abuse in the ER/PER/Psych Ward while unconscious by Olive View staff and possibly the LAPD.

If only they did their jobs instead of threatening me with murder for doing the right thing, my reproductive system wouldn’t have been destroyed and I could have moved on with my life but instead I was left to sit in it for years and years and years, I also couldn’t talk about it, that’s how much they reinforced the pain, trauma and abuse, if I talked about it, I also couldn’t think about it, every time I tried to think about it, recall the memories, I would be hit with flashbacks and those flashbacks contained force, each time I tried to recall those memories I’d be hit with force, bam! My entire head would go to the side as if I was hit in the head, litterly and I felt all that pain and trauma as well. And that was very painful.

I can talk about it now cause I crossed the wall of fire and handled my case, my wholetrack, my past lives and after recalling those incidents, recalling my memories, memories I couldn’t recall before, I’m now able to recall them and talk about them without pain. The LAPD reinforced pain, trauma and abuse to the point that I couldn’t even recall those memories. For the LAPD officer that did this to me, those few minutes of his life, caused psychological damages and physical damages that have lasted for years and years and years and will continue to last until I get therapy to resolve it and even then it will never be fully handled this life cause he contributed to destroying my reproductive system including having children. The truth is, it won’t be resolved, handled for me until next life when I will have children and my own family, his actions, his corruption and abuse contributed to the loss of my own family, my own children, my 2nd dynamic this life. Therapy nor court can turn back the hands of time. 

And this could have been prevented, had he just did his job but instead turned around refused to do his job and abused me and implied, threatened me by implying that he would murder me if I tried to get the police report in any way shape or form.

As for the LAPD officer who I spoke to that day in 1999, if you ever read this, I want you to know that, once you are dead, however you die, your body, as your soul is leaving your dead, lifeless body, you will be receiving all my mental image pictures, all my feelings, all my emotions etc etc basically my case of that incident of being held hostage in my home by Jon Mackinder and other Scientologists and in addition to the crimes of 1998, you’ll also be getting all my memories down the wholetrack ie my case where I was kidnapped, tortured, sexually abused and murdered including OT1, OT2 and OT3, all three civilizations. That’s the 1st incident you obstructed Justice in, the 2nd will be Olive View Medical, all the sexual abuse even though I was unconscious your mind and soul we call case, is being recorded, all the sounds, voices, feelings, even the injection of the psych drugs into my body, you will feel those needles as if they were going into you and all those incidents including OT1, OT2 and OT3, all three civilizations or earlier similar or my case, you will feel those too including my deaths, dying from being overdosed and sexually abused, sometimes after they were done sexually abusing me, they’d cremate my body while I was still alive, I was just unconscious or slice and dice my body for body parts for organ harvesting, you’ll be feeling those things as well as if it was happening to you.  Your case will be so overwhelmed with the pain of my case that you won’t be able to cross the wall of fire and your soul will be entombed into this prison planet for the next 1 billion years where you won’t be able to harm nor hurt anybody ever again for all eternity or Universal Justice.

This is the hell you will inherit while when I die, I, my soul will move on to target 3, the Jewish Federation and play my games and get married and have children. What you made sure I wouldn’t have this life, I will have next life.

Here is the documents or evidence that will be used in my Federal Court case.

Trying to obtain the police report

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