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These Bio Crimes Could Have Been Prevented Part 2 - November 14, 2017

The psych report I got in 1998 for 1998 was less then 40 pages. The psych report I got in 2008 for 2008 was less then 40 pages. Both psych reports, I sent away for.

In 2015, I went into Olive View and picked them up. I was just checking to see if the Church of Scientology didn’t give me all the pages I gave to them that they sent up lines for approval, I noticed there was alot of staple marks on my 2 psych files. So I called them over the phone and they called me back when it was ready and told me how much it was. I drove down there, paid for it and picked it up. What I got was over 300 pages, 330 pages. 

Since I never got the full psych report for 1998 and same thing for 2008, this is called Intentional Concealment by Olive View and the statue of limitations is tolled, that means, it’s waived.  It’s on my letters that I sent them asking for the full psych files, both times and it’s also in their records.

I also never consented to being admitted to Olive View, they violated my civil rights.

I also didn’t know what happened to me in 1998 until I got the full psych files in 2015.

Here’s what happened to me, what I experienced, from my point of view:

I’m in Xrays and then I get wheeled on a gurney in full restraints into the hallway, next to me is another person on a gurney, I then had a hallucination for about 1/2-1 second. It was snakes going into that person’s leg and screaming and I was like that’s weird. The next thing I did was close my eyes, when I opened them, I was in the psych ward wondering how I got there, I was looking up at the ceiling and around the room, when I looked straight ahead, there was a man with dark hair, dark beard in a white coat, who had lifted up my hospital gown and was looking at my vagina. As I started to get up he had blown the room already. Once I stood up, all I could feel was this throbbing pain and trauma in my vaginal area, my first thoughts were, OMG, I was raped.  I went into the bathroom, that was the first thing I did and checked for fluids, semen, vaginal fluids but there was none. So I told myself, that it didn’t happen, I wasn’t raped. It’s not like I could tell anybody in the psych ward I was raped, 1st they’d never believe me and 2nd they’d label me crazy for the rest of my life cause I mentioned it and 3rd they’d start raping me while awake over and over and over again. So I decided to keep my mouth shut about what I suspected or I put it on the back burner and told myself, I wasn’t raped so I could get thru it. One minute I’m on a gurney in a hallway, the next minute I’m in the psych ward, wondering how the fuck I got there?

In 2015, 2016 and 2017 I found out what happened to me, how I ended up in the psych ward.

While in Xrays, somebody came and injected me with psych drugs, without my knowledge nor consent and since I didn’t see them, they came from behind like a serial killer. That hallucination I saw was a drug hallucination before going unconscious from the psych drugs they injected me with or an overdose.  While unconscious for a 2nd time but now in a hospital, I was sexually abused, over and over and over again and kept unconscious for a 36 hour period from being drugged while unconscious over and over and over again and kept that way. I noticed how they wrote on the documents that I was exposing myself, 1st clue, I was unconscious, so that means they are accusing me of what they were doing to me, they were sexually abusing me and then writing on there, that it was me.  Basically they lied  and sexually abused me, they used my medical records to set me up for their crimes and got away with it, other doctors and nurses read the charts too so they would assume it was me and not them, they were manipulated by the criminals on their staff that did that to me, that’s mainly what they’re doing, so their fellow doctors/nurses don’t find out, there’s LAPD in there and it would be very easy for them to go to the LAPD and go hey, they just raped this woman while unconscious and then they would go to prison.

My reproductive system destroyed could have been prevented had they talked to me directly in Olive View, they didn’t need to inject me with drugs, I came in there conscious, nobody bothered to talk to me directly, not the doctors, not the nurses not the LAPD, there was no interviews, no assessments, no nothing, instead they violated my civil rights.  I never consented to being admitted. And it’s written, she refused to sign on one document, on another consent form is in my handwriting No No. That should have been their 1st red flag to talk to me, but instead I was drugged and overdosed and raped for 36 hours.  Had they talked to me, did an interview in the ER, they would have figured out that I was held hostage in my home by Scientologists and this wasn’t a 5150. Instead they just went off the lies told to the LAPD by Scientologists.

The drugs they injected me with, without my consent nor knowledge, was never disclosed on the less then 40 page psych report they gave me in 1998, I never knew why my period stopped, my doctors didn’t know either nor could figure it out, had they given me the full psych report in 1998 instead of less then 40 pages, this could have been prevented. Had they talked to me instead of injecting me with psych drugs, the sexual abuse could have been prevented. One of the side effects of the drugs injected into my body without my consent and knowledge causes your period to stop, it causes premenopause. Doctors need to know all the information in order to help your health, so from 1998 to 2015 all my doctors weren’t given this vital information because it was never disclosed to me. 

After this lawsuit is filed, there is two, this one and the other one against the FBI/DOJ/LAPD, then everybody can review my evidence including the 330 page psych report along with the evaluation of what happened and the crimes that were committed and the evidence to prove those crimes were committed. That will be posted so that other people that were victims of Olive View or other hospitals, psych wards, psych ERs and ERs in this manner or similiar crimes committed on them, can learn how to sue those organizations for those crimes and how to gather the evidence for court and do their evaluations as well as list the crimes committed for Federal Court.

I couldn’t even report these crimes ie being held hostage in my home by Scientologists, the rape when I woke up in the psych ward etc etc cause the LAPD threatened me with murder for attempting to get the police report. They reinforced the trauma and pain from these 2 back to back sexual abuse incidences where I almost died in each one, so well, they did such a good job, I couldn’t talk about it to anybody and had flashbacks when I tried to recall those memories. I wasn’t ready to die then, but I am now and I’m taking everybody with me to hell cause that’s where they belong. What kind of a country embraces sexual abuse for mental health? I’m glad I’m a Scientologist, I never conformed nor converted to this corruption and abuse called Nazi Psychiatry.  And now that I’ve crossed the wall of fire, nobody is gonna stop me from doing the right thing not even law enforcement, they can threaten me with murder all day long, that will be used as evidence against them in Federal Court for Obstruction of Justice, and all their other crimes as well as my constitutional freedoms.

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