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This Is A Joke – Taking This Kid Into The Psych Ward - March 27, 2018


Does anybody know what goes on in a psych ward?

Well it’s not what you think. You are there anywhere from 72 hours to 30 days tops, the Federal Gov picks up the tab and you don’t do anything but watch tv, walk around, talk to others in there and eat. There is no mental health, no programs to help you in anything, they just label you and give you drugs.

I suspect after this kid gets out, cause it’s his 2nd time, he’ll have more labels and more psych drugs to take. Eventually he’ll carry out his plans, he’ll be encouraged to, his psychs will encourage it and lie on his psych file to cover their ass, it’s called false reporting, it’s on purpose and against the law.

Too bad the cops/sheriffs don’t send people in there, undercover to find out what really goes on in there, unofficially. But I guess that would mean they would have to do something like work, their jobs, enforce the laws on the psychs etc etc LMAO.

It’s something my corporation can do or cha ching for the Inspector General. 

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