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TV Writers Vault

I’m not affiliated with TV Writers Vault in any way, shape or form other then a person who signed up on their services and pitched my idea of turning me documenting my Federal Court Journeys into a TV Reality Show. So far 3 Executives have reviewed it.

Will I get a TV Reality Show? I don’t know. Even though I’m a Scientologist, that does not guarantee me a TV Reality show.  If I do, great, if not, that’s ok too cause I’m documenting my journeys here online.  I have nothing on it, either way.

If you have ideas that you would like to see become a reality as in a TV Reality Show or a sitcom or a TV movie even a game show, anything for TV, feel free to use their services, it’s not a scam and your pitch will be seen by TV executives that make the decision to make it or not.

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