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Twitter Will Be Getting A Lawsuit For Discrimination and Abuse - July 18, 2018

I tweeted this page and twitter locked my account.

I Hate Everybody Within Local, State and Federal Government – They Are All Niggers and Crackers

So I did an appeal to find out and here’s their response.


They never spelled it out and they also didn’t tell me if it was reported or was it their bot?  Twitter, the staff of twitter ignores victims of crimes and people with PTSDs, this is abuse, neglect.

As you can see, other people use the term, Cracker and Nigger on twitter yet their accounts weren’t locked, it’s pretty obvious, twitter has singled me out to cause me pain based on my religions, Scientology, Judaism and Catholicism as well as my race, my gender, my age etc etc.


They’ll be receiving a lawsuit for this abuse, discrimination and violating my 1st amendment, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion, all three.

Now that nobody is breaking into my home with their keys and stealing my logins and passwords, you can see how easy it is to obtain the evidence.
Now it’s just a matter of going to court which I’m already doing Pro Se.

Federal Court will have to determine if the FBI/DOJ/LAPD are liable or if I need to sue Twitter in a separate lawsuit.

Is there a simple solution, yep, it’s called communication but the employees, staff of Twitter refuse to do that and instead cause pain, you are left with either conforming or converting to their rules which violates our 1st amendment or you are not able to use their service. You’re only option is go to Federal Court Pro Se to enforce the constitution and the laws.

Most people won’t and will either convert, conform or not use the service.

These are the laws twitter and their staff broke in this cycle:

1st Amendment
UnRuh Civil Rights Act

I refuse to conform, convert to this abuse, this discrimination instead I’ll be fighting for my freedom against this abuse and discrimination in Federal Court. As a Scientologist, I’m already hatted. “The price of Freedom, constant alertness and the willingness to fight back”.

You have two choices, convert/conform to this abuse, this discrimination or fight back, that’s it, either lay down and die or get up and fight.

There are more important things in life then money and my freedom is one of them.

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