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Was This An Ops By This Church’s Management Team? - July 12, 2018

Or something else?


On this print out from SSA, it shows that I worked for the Church of Scientology Western United States in 1986 and made zero.

1st in 1986, L. Ron Hubbard Way didn’t exist, that was created in 1996, 10 years later.


So how did this get on there?

Also it shows I made zero but in the total comp section, it shows I made $42.50 from the Church of Scientology for the year 1986 where their other columns show zero.

I worked for the Church of Scientology LADAY in 1991 which is on page 11, I was a div 6 reg and I was also dating Randy Hepner during that time, cause I broke up with him and he sent flowers to the org and my co worker a gay guy, thought I should give me and Randy another try.  I felt emotionally blackmailed, flowers.  He didn’t do amends, he was sorry and sent flowers, big fuckin deal, where was his amends to prove he was sorry? No where, it was just an empty apology.


I went into the Sea Org, Gavin Potter recruited me from LADAY, I went in with debts, I had debts but I was able to go work at Bridge Publications with debts cause it was a corporation and I got paid more then $25.00 or $50.00 a week. I also lived off base and paid rent as well as for my own food, transportation, car insurance etc etc, I shared a one bedroom apartment with 3 other girls, we were called “The Bridge Babes”


I think Gavin’s 2nd wife was the one he had a child with, Jennifer Bowen.


On page 4, it shows on this SSA print out

3DSSA.pdf but I didn’t work in Commerce, that’s where the warehouse was where I was sent trying to route out, I was in the Sea Org for 3 months and another 3 months routing out. They sent me there and dragged their feet on the routing form, they basically ignored me, neglected me and stuck me in a warehouse, so I left and went to the movies one day, I went and saw Terminator 2 at the Cinerama Dome, I told them where I was going and they flipped out when I came back and said I blew, a blow is an unannounced leave, I told them where I was going and came back. I didn’t blow, I went to the movies. After that, they got me an auditor and I was able to route out. I left cause I had bills to pay and they didn’t give me my paycheck. I was working upstairs at Bridge Publications and I told ethics I had to route out cause I had bills and they stopped paying the weekly paychecks, I also had to pay rent, I lived off base, I had to buy food etc etc, money was an issue, so the solution for me not to leave was to move on to the BSO (bookstore officer) post downstairs, that way I can make commissions and my checks and when they can’t pay my weekly check I would still get my book commissions and that should handle my rent, my food, gas, my car insurance etc etc ie my bills. What happened was that I sold the highest ever of books on that post, my sales were over the entire Eastern United States continent, so I had book commissions owed, but they wouldn’t pay me that either, so I left, I had to leave cause I had to pay my bills. After I left, then they gave me my back pay and all my book commissions owed to me.

In 1991, I worked here, there was a big sign that was on the building and it said, Bridge Publications and it wasn’t all blue, it was beige/off white.


and the one bedroom apartment I shared with 3 other girls was down the street. We’d walk to work but I had a truck that was paid off, but I still had to pay for gas and car insurance, it’s California State Law, you can’t drive any car/truck without car insurance, you have to have car insurance, it’s mandatory.

I got these from SSA, I didn’t know why I got them, it was just sent to me and I never read them, I just filed them away, but they all have one thing in common.



For the year 2000, 2002, 2003, 2009 and 2010, for the year 1986, I made zero and that’s not true, I worked for American Mutual Mortgage. My tax returns for 1986 have been stolen, I don’t know how much I made there for that year. I worked for American Mutual Mortgage in 1985, 1986 and 1987.  I started working for American Mutual Mortgage in fall of 1985, I worked 1 full year, my only employer for 1986 was American Mutual Mortgage and I left in 1987, I think spring or summer.  But my SSA print out only shows that I worked for American Mutual Mortgage for 1987.  Which is not true and my tax returns for 1985, 1986 and 1987 were stolen, my guess by either cracker Doreen Doshay Russell and her cracker accomplices and/or cracker Karen Freemon and her cracker accomplices.


I never noticed the zero for 1986 on my SSA statements, I didn’t know why I was sent these, I never requested them.

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