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Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy Is A Religious Hater, an SP - April 8, 2018

She went after Maryanne Godboldo cause of Louis Farrakhan’s association with my religion Scientology. She hates my religion Scientology and Scientologists. She’s a religious hater.

The criminal charges against Maryanne were dismissed, not once, not twice but three times and each time, this woman kept appealing it. Not only was this a waste of taxpayer money but it was for sport, and nobody stopped her corruption and abuse.

It affected Maryanne so much she passed away, she had a brain aneurysm, if Maryanne didn’t get this brain aneurysm, after the 3rd time it got dismissed, Ms. Worthy would still keep going and it would be never ending. Not only is this wrong but this is evil.  All so she could be right in her hatred of my religion Scientology and her hatred of Scientologists.

I sent Ms. Worthy comm on my twitter:

Maryanne Godboldo’s Story

Maryanne is ok, she’s on her way to the Jewish Federation on Target A, from there, she’ll go into the new US Federation Fleet.  She had the balls to go up against totalitarianism in this country, the same totalitarianism like the Nazis  that murdered Jews in the concentration camps WW2.

Maryanne’s body is dead but her soul isn’t, she’s off to the real game, to help set up the new US Federation. Best game ever and Ms. Worthy lost that game, instead her spiritual journey will take her to hell.

As for Ms. Worthy, shun her, she’s really not worth anybody’s time ok, if Maryanne’s family wants to protest, that’s up to them. Ms Worthy is fucked for all eternity, she’s going to hell, her soul will be entombed into this prison planet and all the crimes she’s committed on people this life, prevented them from getting Justice using paper as a weapon etc etc, well, she’s gonna experience that as the victims or Universal Justice, her victims, all her victims might not have gotten Justice in the physical universe but they’ll be getting Universal Justice. All that pain she inflicted and tried to inflict on Maryanne so that Maryanne would die, she’s gonna be experiencing that pain inside this rock for all eternity. What she did to victims will be done to her but it’s never gonna end, ever. That’s what she has to look forward to, that’s her future for the next 1 billion years and psych drugs aren’t gonna save her soul.

So, no need to get violent or send her hate shit etc etc, shun her, ignore her, in the grand scheme of things she doesn’t matter, she’s insignificant. If she comes to her senses, she can do amends for the rest of her life for her crimes against humanity. If not, to hell she goes. She’s also gotten old real quick playing this game.

She went from this in 2008:

To this 2018:

Ms. Worthy violated the oath she swore when she took office.


At the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, we are committed to achieving justice for our cities most vulnerable residents. We will work tirelessly to hold offenders accountable, protect victims and we innovate to break the cycle of violence.

Maryanne was the victim in this case and instead of helping her, she went after her cause she could and felt like it.

Ms. Worthy should have gone after that psych that made that false report, but instead she ignored the false report, negated it and went after Maryanne, even after Judges dismissed the criminal case/charges against Maryanne.  This is corruption and abuse by this prosecutor includingreligious bias.  What she did was use the legal system to harassMaryanne and that too is against the law.

If I had one question to ask Ms. Worthy, I’d ask her, was it worth it? To compromise your integrity cause of your MU’s about my religion? Cause of the false data and lies you were fed by others within the gov over the years plus the internet, mainstream news etc etc?  If you knew all the data, the truth, would you have done things differently in Maryanne’s case?  And now that Maryanne is gone, do you feel remorse? If she answered yes, then she should do amends to the human race, if she answered no, she feels no remorse and justified in her personal persecution of Maryanne, her personal vendetta against Maryanne. If that’s the case she won’t do amends. In the end, she’s responsible and accountable for her case, for her soul.  

Updated 4/14/2018 3:54pm

Kym Worthy could have interviewed both Maryanne and this doctor/psych and then investigated both to find out who was telling her the truth. Had she done that, she would have found out that this doctor/psych false reported to the police and abused his position of power as a doctor/psych. Then she could have arrested this doctor/psych for attempted murder of Maryanne and her child, 2 counts, if not more.

But Kym Worthy didn’t bother to do her due diligence and accepted the false report/reports as facts. It’s against the law to knowingly accept false information as facts. Just like what the admin Judge at SSA did, Kym Worthy committed the same crimes.

Crimes By SSA Employees and Accomplices

I’ll be including Kym Worthy’s crimes against Maryanne into my Federal Lawsuits and from there depending on what the Judges say, I’ll either have my own separate lawsuit against the Fed and Local gov for my waiver to keep SPs out of my corporations legally or they will give me the waiver from my current lawsuits

No Niggers Will Be Allowed Into My Life

I’m authenticating evidence for my cases to get my waivers, I won’t have any Racist, Religious Haters in my life, ever again.


I will be starting 2 corporations, 1 for profit, the Anti Corruption and Abuse Inc and the other will be a non profit to help victims of crimes across the USA, that non profit will help them get to Federal Court, they will be taught through a website, how to type up their own lawsuits. Both corporations my employees will get free corporate housing, free organic food grown, clean water, as it expands, my goal will be to start my own cities where my group will be free of racist haters, religious haters, free of abuse, free from crimes and free from drugs, Nazi Psychiatry will be against the law in my cities, in my towns. We’ll have our own good doctors, our own good dentists, our own good psychs, our own good politicians like a mayor and city council and our own good law enforcement where they will enforce our constitution and civil rights laws, it will be against the law to discriminate. Everything that is wrong and evil in this society, will be eradicated in my towns/cities. Where Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, I’ll take it to the next level. He never knew about the 1k Nazi War Criminals that went to work for the FBI and CIA in 1945.

One will be called Anti Corruption and Abuse Inc, 

the other will be called Dare To Dream

China could be buying towns in the USA unbeknownst to the Fed Gov like above in this news report or trying to, if that happens eventually China will own towns in the USA, whether they take over this country slowly, it will be a slow progression like pre WW2, it won’t affect my cities, my towns, my communities nor me.

This politician wanted to let communists work within the gov



Had he gone thru with this plan, then communists from China could enter our gov work force and destroy this country from within, slowly.   There is always an enemy threat of a take over, whether hostile or not. My towns/cities will be isolated from this evil, even if worst case scenario occurs cause others dropped the ball, my towns/cities will be ok.

The ideal scene is my own cities/towns, when we get to that point it will be towns like above, like the town in the tv show Eureka and the town in the Back to the Future movie. It will be Apple pie and Mayberry.

Updated 4/15/2018 6:46pm

What Kym Worthy did was reinforce all the trauma and pain of Swat and Tanks going to her home. Maryanne had PTSD and each time Kym Worthy did this crime, she caused more PTSD to Maryanne, another PTSD incident and it took a toll on Maryanne’s life.

Why Maryanne’s attorneys and she had 3 didn’t sue Kym Worthy and make Kym Worthy their gravy train/cash cow, is beyond me.

All they had to do was file a lawsuit in Federal or State court with an injunction plus damages, monetary damages and enforce the laws Kym Worthy broke and that would handle it. No need to send her to prison. If she kept doing it, each time a new lawsuit, eventually after the City paid out $500k to 1 mil, Kym Worthy would stop, she’d either get it and stop or her bosses including the Mayor would stop her, that’s it Kym!, you’ve cost this city too much money with your personal vendetta.

Maryanne’s attorney’s could have made bank off this hate, at 40% out of $100k, that’s $40k for each lawsuit if not more, they could have added punitive on there, intentional infliction of emotional distress etc etc.

So, why they didn’t do this, is weird and beyond me. If this happens to you, just have your attorneys file the lawsuit above and make bank off their hate and keep doing it until they stop. If you don’t have an attorney then do it Pro Se and keep it all.

Yes, what Kym Worthy did was evil but, you can fight back against this evil and not succumb to it and it’s not that hard, it’s called lawsuits.  Be a Furyan or divergent.

It’s time to break their banks if you get my drift LMAO, now that’s a real movement plus who doesn’t want to get paid for doing the right thing?  Like I said on my personal blog, bank robbers, who get away with it, are my fav LMAO. Little scilon joke. You have to be a Scientologist to get it LMAO.

Updated 4/29/2018 9:18am

I just found out, that Kym Worthy appealed this 5 times, not 3.


She only stopped and dropped the charges cause Maryanne was dead, even while Maryanne was bedridden, Kym Worthy planned on forcing a trial, I guess she expected Maryanne to show up to court in bed. I guess they would wheel in the bed into court? What?  This is gross and inhumane on part of this prosecutor. 

“The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the charges today because it has been determined that Ms. Godboldo is not expected to gain competency to stand trial,” Maria Miller, spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, said in a statement. She later told VOD that if Godboldo does regain her mental competence, a determination would be made then whether to reinstate the charges, which were dismissed “without prejudice.”



And Kym Worthy is in this documentary
https://www.iamevidencethemovie.com/  maybe Ms. Worthy’s motives were to create controversy ie PR, for this documentary, her reason to keep Maryanne in court.  To make herself look good, like a hero. Was this also another reason in addition to her personal vendetta?  This is a documentary, I’m not gonna watch. I’m not here to boycott nor start a boycott of this documentary. It’s just gross that Ms. Worthy was committing these crimes against Maryanne and she’s hailed a hero in this documentary when in reality she’s evil. Why does this country, why do Americans continue to reward evil people and murder good people?  Why does Hollywood continue to reward corrupt and abusive people and harm people of good will?

As for Mariska Hargitay, this is ok with her, she forwards the status quos of Hollywood, for their greater good, money. It’s ok that Ms Worthy committed these crimes on Maryanne, we can get great PR out of it for our greater good, this documentary and help all these women with this backlog of the rape kits, long term.

I say, No! This isn’t ok, this is murder, fuck you! I don’t stand with Hollywood and their status quos.

For real documentarians out there, feel free to do a documentary about Maryanne Godboldo and what Kym Worthy did to her, what everybody did to her within local gov, how they violated her constitutional rights/freedoms and civil rights and used local government resources for their personal vendetta against one woman and her daughter with one leg and send messages to Hollywood on why this status quo and mentality is not ok and they can take their greater good and shove it up their ass.

How many people did Ms Worthy go after in this manner ie commit crimes on from her job using her local government resources? Local government resources that taxpayers paid for, maybe that’s why there’s a backlog of rape kits in her county, cause she used all the money that was suppose to go towards that project to fund her personal vendetta’s against people of goodwill like Maryanne Godboldo? This is corruption and abuse.

Updated 4/29/2018

If this is the case, the above scene using Maryanne for free PR and controversy ie Anti Scientology, then they are also using Mariska Hargitay for their funding.

She got an initiative put on the books for funding of these rape kits, now she can for free, on her own dime and time go get that passed in every state, and when they embezzle money out of that fund for anything and drain it dry, Mariska can be their fund raiser forever. Unless of course her non profit got money from perhaps Obama ie funneling DOJ slush funds and she’s getting paid from her non profit to be the savior of all women with this cause?


And if that’s the case, is Obama getting a cut? He never does anything for free.

Did Mariska too jump on board the Anti Scientology bandwagon for free PR, doesn’t she work with Jason Beghe?

If I were to audit this initiative, let me guess, auditing case files and this fund yearly for corruption, abuse and waste etc etc is left out, it’s just an annual budget which can become a slush fund for any DA to run ops including hate crimes ops on victims.


Like Obama’s DOJ slush fund where he discriminated against Republicans and Conservatives. More discrimination crimes committed by Obama and his admin team.  Now all the states can do it too.

This perpetuates the cycle of discrimination and hate crimes. It doesn’t break cycles but creates them long term.  This is corruption and abuse.

It would be great if these people used this money for the rape kits, but there is no checks and balances to make sure they will, there is just money, funding into an account which anybody can embezzle, transfer to other accounts to pay overtime and purchase equipment to run ops.













https://www.atr.org/house-passes-bill-end-obama-slush-fund-payments  –Thank You House of Reps for ending Obama’s corruption and abuse in this area.

Did Obama funnel any DOJ slush fund money to this issue to her non profit to make this documentary?

When they go to label and drug Mariska’s kids in school, she can remember Maryanne Godboldo who Kym Worthy murdered for PR for this documentary.


As for Kym Worthy, Maryanne’s attorney talked about how Maryanne’s constitutional rights were violated. My guess, speculation, is, Kym Worthy was reading Maryanne’s communication ie spying on her, violating her 4th amendment and took personal 2D shit and whatever else and included it within the appeals to restimulate Maryanne, we scilons call it a restim. 

Sure, this is against the law but nobody sued her back with the evidence, the appeals court documents themselves in Federal Court, the state court Judges just ignored it, negated it like it wasn’t a crime/crimes.  Maybe this is the SOP of the DA’s office in that area. To violate people’s 4th amendment and use personal information that has nothing to do with anything in court papers to upset them in court, to make them angry, to piss them off in court on purpose, they know you can’t get angry in court when you find out and it’s pretty obvious to everybody including a Judge that, that’s what they are doing, it’s another form of abuse. 

That’s my guess since nobody put this case online with full details including the appeals, not even Maryanne and she had a blog.

For the record, I never got Maryanne’s computations, mental image pictures etc etc. I doubt I have any past lives with Maryanne. Nope, my past lives are with these people whose computations I did get, Lorretta Lynch, Jackie Lacey, Kym Worthy and Eric Holder, now why is that? My guess is my past lives with these people in the DOJ down the wholetrack, me in the Anti Hate Crimes Unit ie external security for Federal Court. 

You know what Eric Holder thought about this cycle, he was grossed out that this even got this far, the tanks, swat etc etc. A little girl with one leg, you need all this for her? I too was grossed out when I saw the PR.

I have no idea if Maryanne was a criminal or not, nor do I care, what I do know is nobody is perfect, everybody has flaws, whether you are a criminal or not. And nobody deserves this, this is UnAmerican. In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty.

https://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/sixth_amendment https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/fourteenth_amendment_0

As for others assuming I’m looking for a documentary etc etc, nope. Nobody will ever take it, show it etc etc, it’s cause I’m not anti my religion, I’m not anti Scientology, that’s it. If I gave up my religion and trash talked it like the ex scilons in the anti scilon community, then yeah, sure. But cause I haven’t given up my faith, the faith I chose on my own, no.  And I’m ok with it.  It’s not my destiny nor fate.

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