Hate Crimes By Doreen Doshay Russell Part 8

In 1995 I went to a trade school to learn a trade/profession, which was computer programming. It was at Computer Learning Center in Los Angeles. I went fulltime for 9 months instead of 13 months part time. I thought it would be faster. I got a student loan to pay for it. I started in […]

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The Attack At The 76 Gas Station

In Regards To Both Of These Court Cases I had an incident where I was attacked at the gas station and when I went into make a police report, the LAPD officer at the desk refused to run the license plate, he also insinuated that I was crazy, when I called him on it, he […]

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In Regards To Both Of These Court Cases

I’m gonna petition the court cause of the following: My reproductive system was destroyed by the crimes of 1998 by Olive View Staff and LAPD, the drugs I was injected with, without my knowledge nor consent, where they put me into a coma for 36 hours and raped me, over and over and over and […]

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